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hmmm- continued

First of all thanks to Tan, Richa and c'est la vie for their kind words.

As it turned out, the friend, I was talking about, was not so distant because of new friends, but because of a special close friend. And to think of it, I was kept deliberately in the dark, lied, distresses and depresses me very much.

One thing I hate a lot is dishonesty, falseness, deceit. And this happened, to a friendship, i so deemed to be very attached with. A friendship that was so fake, so artificial.
As I realize now, every memory of our conversation, now stinks with lies, lots of them.

I know, everyone would say, time is the best healer, I have to move on.
I would have advised this to everyone and anyone myself. But the way, a beautiful friendship, which was nothing but illusions, as I came to know,ended so abruptly, the zest for living is now over.


c'est la vie said…
"""I know, everyone would say, time is the best healer, I have to move on."""

very true. even i believe in it.
and one more thing, "don think that u r d only person suffering from deceit. ok dear?

every person existing on this planet has got their ill-fated ness in this form or that. may be u got this. so juss move on and live happily.

tamanna said…
Aise thodi na zest of living over kar dete hain.huh...finally kya hua us case ka?

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