Does India Need communal parties?

I think, it was Tan's post on this blog itself, Republic Day Event, where this question was raised.
My answer. YES. we need communal parties even in Independent, Secular India.
Now let me take you, back to events before 1947. When India was a colony of the British Empire.
The congress party, in its attempt to gain momentum for the independence movement, heavily used Hinduism, an example of which is the famous Ganesh Utsav held in Mumbai every year.
Who complains? No one. But at that time, due to various policies of the congress, Muslims started feeling alienated. Jinnah, in these times, got stubborn over the need of Pakistan and he did find a lot of supporters. Congress, up till late 1940's never got bothered by it. And why should we?
Who complains? No one.
But there were repercussions. The way people were butchered and slaughtered during that brief time when India got partitioned, was even worse than a civil war scenario. All in the name of religion. And there indeed was created a communal country. The communal card as usual worked.

We Indians, it seems never learned a lesson from the bloody massacre. In India, our constitution has a separate law for Hindus and Muslims and you tell me that we are secular. cool. The constitution of my motherland has been written in a foreign language by the leaders of my own country. cool.

In 1980's the congress, encouraged Bhindranwale in Punjab, which resulted in heavy militization in the state. Educated young men, even some holding doctorate degrees were killed in fake encounters, and many themselves turned militants.
What happened? People still love the congress here. It is being estimated that they may win the next Lol Sabha election in the state.

Move forward, some more years. The same man Bhindranwale, whom the congress was preparing as an answer for the Akali Dal, was killed by the congress Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi in the complex of Shri Harminder Sahib, Amritsar, by using military forces. Who wins? Everyone. The man is now seen as a martyr. The congress did gain a lot of votes it wanted. The public at large is satisfied.
Who bothers? No one. Communal Politics once again wins.

Shortly after this incident, a Sikh bodyguard of Mrs. Indira Gandhi kills her. And the congress party men, allegedly started killing every Sikh in sight due to this logic that a Sikh killed their leader. The bloodiest, riots of Independent India perhaps. The mayhem in Delhi in 1984, I think has very little parallels. Where are those leaders who did this now? They all are respectable, public servants, involved in active politics, of course, no case was ever proved.
Who wins? Communal politics. For more than ten years Congress is ruling over Delhi. People are very satisfied. Content. Forgive and forget, till the next thing happens.

How many people could blame Rajiv Gandhi for this? No one. His mother just died. He is smart, intelligent, well educated etc. etc. Everyone was in shock. The president of India was so shocked that even without consulting the Parliament or the cabinet at that time, he made Rajiv the PM. What a mockery of this motherland.

But no. Rajiv Gandhi is one of the most popular Prime ministers of all time. He, of course, could have not stopped his party leaders at that time. But people, many even on this blog, claim Narendra Modi could have stopped the fury that poured when people saw their own men killed in the name of religion. He has to be blamed for the 2002 riots in Gujarat. He is not a foreign educated, suave gentleman whose family dominated Indian politics for decades. His background stinks of Hindutva, people tell me. An RSS man, he must have done all the wrong. Forget his economic brilliance and blah blah.

We Indians have so many double standards. Yes, we encourage communal politics. Modi has since 2002 won the elections twice.

Now come, to 1993. The riots in Mumbai. Tell me, wise people, how many people were really hanged to death? Where are those people who were the cause of so many rapes and loots, of arson and of violence?
They all are doing awesome. I hear, even Sanjay Dutt, is contesting elections, even when the court told him he was guilty. And his winning chances are high too.
Even Bal Thackrey and all the others are doing fine. People in Mumbai even support his nephew in shooing away North Indians, when the need arises.
Yes, communal politics we demand. And communal politics we get.

If you ask me to study history and fish out the best strategy to win elections in India, this particular one is the most favored one. No, not by politicians but by the people.

They want communal politics. They demand it. And they get it.

One last example, with due respect to every Muslim on earth. I was watching nuclear issue debate going on in the parliament. A smart young M.P. stood up to tell us all, why he was supporting the Congress on the particular issue.
The reason was given: The congress government increased the Haj subsidy by several hundred crores of rupees, to enable Muslims to go on a Holy Pilgrimage on tax payer's expenses. (Of course, we are a secular country. Did you never read the Preamble of our Constitution?)

Now, for this reason, he speaks that Muslims will always support the government headed by Congress.

How much I ever wish, that a Hindu would get better facilities on Pilgrimages, leave alone subsidies on travel and expenses, I am not in favor of appeasement of a religious community for petty gains of votes, especially with the use of public money on a large scale.

So if you ask me, that a large part of the country favors the Congress for its appeasement of other religions and some part of the country likes the communal BJP, and which will I choose?

I am frankly in favor of the party which at least speaks out in support of my religion, instead of bluffing up with different religions and playing dirty games.
For communal politics, is what people vote for. I proved you through history.It does work.
You choose now. Indirect communal tactics or direct communal strategies.
I made a choice. Now you make one.
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