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Point of Celebrating Birthdays

Last month I was wondering on this point. Why do people celebrate their birthdays? What’s so happy about happy birthday? You are getting older. Lines under your eyes are only increasing. For obvious reasons your youth is gone or going. They say that you are getting wiser but chances are, you will make same mistakes you did last year.  Now that it is your happy birthday, it seems you are getting close to falling into the allopath rigmarole of medicines and diagnostic tests. It hardly seems the occasion to count achievements given your carbon footprint and the state of our planet. Seriously, there is hardly any reason to celebrate other than if you are a politician and people just need an excuse to party. Add in the stress of throwing treats and parties (wherein you are always wondering whom to invite whom not to invite). Communication has advanced and we are flooded with calls, texts, messages for our birthdays. But do those people really mean them or is it just an automated response