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Private India - Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson

Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson team up for the first time to create 447 pages of awesome thriller novel, Private India. The book is yet another installment from the best selling Private series by James Patterson. This time around, the destination as the title suggests Private , the World’s largest investigative organization comes to India. Jack Morgan has hired Santosh Wagh as the head of Private India, who is a former RAW Agent. Santosh is assisted here by former CIA officer Nisha Gandhe, Dr. Mubeen a forensic expert and Hari the technology geek. The challenge before the team is a serial killer in Mumbai who is on a killing spree, using a yellow scarf as his special weapon. Who is this person? Why does he specially target women? What's the meaning of all the props he painstakingly displays around his victims? Above all, how are all the murders connected to each other? Most of all the challenges come from within; all team members are battling the war within, with their

Reviewing Book 1 of the Ramayana: the Game of Life series

 The First installment of the Ramayana: The Game of Life, Rise of the Sun Prince is an enlightening tale by Shubha Vilas. One of the most revered religious texts, Ramayana is slowly losing its sheen amongst the new generations. It is this young population that this series of Ramayana aims to attract. The author does not go all heavy with the text, instead attempts to explain the text in simple easy to read language. Although Valmiki was a great sage and writer, his version, the original one seems to be little tough for the modern day readers, mostly because of the pathetic education we receive. So to read this book is an excellent way to get close to the ancient texts. And how can one not mention the pearls of wisdom, the informative footnotes which tell us so much about the story.On each page, very patiently the author explains the why and hows of the events which are unfolding in front of us. That is in a sense the beauty of Ramayana. The hidden meanings, the deep nuances, the

The importance of education for girl child in today’s times

Education is an essential component for a development of a human being. It ensures you knowledge, skills of a trade and makes one eligible for a job or a business. It is also linked with a person’s social status. However, the importance of education for girl child is often ignored. Girls are seen as a burden, fit for housework and daily kitchen chores. They are conditioned to think that there focus should be their husbands, children and family. Education would be useless for them in this scheme of things. They are blinded to opportunities that lay in getting educated. This problem is especially seen in rural parts of India, where illiteracy among women is very high.   The people seem to be oblivious to the importance of education for girl child . Either the girls are never sent to school, or are dropped off at very early stages of their education. Higher education is a huge no for them. Mainly because they are married off at a very young age. The concentration always has been,

Why is it important to save girl child?

It is indeed important to save girl child as today’s girl will be the mother of a child tomorrow. According to the last official census figures, there are only 933 women for 1000 men. In other way, we can say there when India entered new millennium, it has a deficit of 35 million women. We should stand against genocide that is eating society day by day. This article throws light on how girl child is discriminated not only in India but also world widely. We should take necessary steps to curb these practices and to save girl child . ·         Sex determination and sex selection It is true that foetal sex determination and sex selection is a criminal offense in India but its practice is widespread. Number of doctors carrying out private clinics uses ultrasound machines and other latest technologies to figure out the sex of an unborn child. People are ready to pay huge sum of money for this and do not even hesitated to even abort a girl child. ·         Discrimination against