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The importance of education for girl child in today’s times

Education is an essential component for a development of a human being. It ensures you knowledge, skills of a trade and makes one eligible for a job or a business. It is also linked with a person’s social status. However, the importance of education for girl child is often ignored. Girls are seen as a burden, fit for housework and daily kitchen chores. They are conditioned to think that there focus should be their husbands, children and family. Education would be useless for them in this scheme of things. They are blinded to opportunities that lay in getting educated.
This problem is especially seen in rural parts of India, where illiteracy among women is very high.  The people seem to be oblivious to the importance of education for girl child. Either the girls are never sent to school, or are dropped off at very early stages of their education. Higher education is a huge no for them. Mainly because they are married off at a very young age. The concentration always has been, on raising children and cooking meals for the husband and service his needs and family. Her own interests are of little importance.
Winds of change are blowing now. Many girls have raised the pitch for their right to be educated. They want to be independent, have their own identity and are ready to work for it. This is not going to be an easy task for them and they know that.  NGOs highlighting the importance of education for girl child are also aiding this fight. Many NGOs have been set up for this cause and are working with the corporate sector at the grassroots level. For a change to be truly effective the mindset of the society has to change and discrimination against girls has to be stopped.


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