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A great time pass but quite knowledgeful blog-o-site

Here is a website, every one must check out. This is called these people have loads of quizzez and other stuff for loads of fun that you can have. For example i took this quiz named Are you a Jerk? And irrespective of what you all think :-P You Are Not a Jerk You treat everyone as fairly as possible. You think it's important to be good to people. You may feel like being rude at times, but you hold back. You are civilized. While you are considerate, you don't go overboard. You only show others the same respect you'd expect. Those who want to take advantage of you may accuse you of being a jerk, but in truth, they're the real jerks! Are You a Jerk? So, you see it is a good time pass stuff. Here lemme try another It asks, what is your Name Power, so I typed in my name and now it says Your Name's Power is Intuition Your name's power is that it helps you be intuitive. Your name conveys both influence and communicati

Election 2009’s turning point??

L.K. Advani proved yet once again, why he is the Chanakya. As a leader, and the prime minister of this country, I have my reservations against him. But, as a politician and a strategist, yesterday he delivered what could possibly be a crucial blow to the government by calling the Prime Minister to a televised national debate . When Manmohan Singh lashed out against Advani 3 days back, I was surprised and impressed. Yesterday, it was Advani’s turn to impress me. In an era where political leadership is seeing a global transformation across the world, the educated masses have been hoping for an American style of presidential debate in India. With the PMO refusing Advani’s challenge , the repurcussions, I believe, will be felt as the campaigning progresses, and clearly, Advani has won this round. By inviting Manmohan Singh for an open debate, he has taken responded to Manmohan’s accusations without adding any further mudslinging, character assasination and yet dwelving on his st

Ragging - Can’t be eradicated??

Last week a life has been lost due to the thugs in the name of students. The reason behind it is ragging, a culture which is being followed in many a colleges by the senior students. Its happening everywhere in this country. But it seems like, it has been happening more in engineering and medical colleges. That’s how it is getting interpreted. You all may have known the medical college student died due to ragging. But what could have been missed from your notice is suicide attempt of a girl due to ragging in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. It will be shocking to hear what has been done to her. Her seniors forced her to dance in nude in front of them. She is an agricultural engineering student. And well, you must have known now, how evil the minds of an engineering or medical student. It is said to be that, ragging is a kind of culture which helps to build a good relationship between junior and senior students. There are some fun things which will build some great rapport between them. Bu
"ज़िन्दगी यह सफर में है, कट रहा है रास्ता; हमसफ़र तो है मगर, मंजिलें हैं जुदा जुदा..."

The media's right to offend.

Something really queer: If this was a newspaper article, and I said that cat lovers generally smell bad, I'd be breaking the law! Why? Because, it seems, my statement will offend cat lovers! Sweeping generalizations, satire, and jokes that hurt the sentiments of the minority (yes, yes, cat lovers are rare, people) are not just frowned upon, but are illegal. To say the least, I think the "law" needs to do some self assessment and stop behaving like a prissy nursery school teacher (and yes, every bit of offense in this article is intended). No matter what spin people try to put on it, penalizing offensive opinions is going against the right to freedom of expression. First off, the very principle of this law is ridiculous. No doubt, the public expression of offensive opinions is going to cause discontent and anger among people who disagree with the opinion. It might even lead to violence on the part of the offended party. The same way that accusing the school bully of being

Politics - A Profession

This post is loosely inspired by the  TATA Tea a d  where this politician goes to ask for votes and a voter asks him for his qualification and work experience the the important 'job' that he is embarking upon. The politician laughs at the voter, asking him what job is the voter referring to. The voter responds, "The job to run the country". Do politicians in other countries view politics as a profession? Or is politics viewed similarly across international boundaries? The best way of course to find out is go to that ever useful tool for professionals - LinkedIn.  Here are the results: Barrack Obama Hillary Clinton Sarah Palin The apparently technologically challenged Senator   John McCain . I also came across many politicians, prime ministers who have LinkedIn profiles. While having a LinkedIn profile is not a certificate of a person character, one has to appreciate the intent. Reach out to masses, and more importantly, take politics as a profession. Successful leader

And I stopped taking my education for granted!

Hello everyone, this is my first post on Jagruti. In my own life, short and therefore lacking in experience though it is, I've come across quite a lot of issues ranging from domestic violence, incest, obstacles to woman's education and career, dowry deaths, suicide, ragging etc and a host of other social evils that has bothered me or the people I know, friends and family. These are not stories that I read about in newspapers, but the truths in many modern and supposedly civilized homes. While growing up, I used to hear or witness these horrid stories and wonder what brings about the savage beast in man which leads him to commit such crimes.And most of the times, I regret to admit, I couldn't do much but remain a mute spectator because my family didn't want to get into any mess. I'm just 23 years old, and I've seen the worst kind of men possible. But I still think that the world is a beautiful place, and there's still lot of hope. I'm a medical student

Pack Up your bags Folks

Hear All my wise friends. I think it is time for us to pack up our bags, Apply that visa and run away some where, for the elections to happen in our country are showing some very negative results. The regional parties are expected to score so well, that you can very expect yet another Deve Gowda, I.K. Gujral or V.P. Singh as your next Prime Minister. And the credit would be bestowed upon the large National Parties, who are looking so tired, so damm pessimistically sad this election season. Intellectually bankruptcy is at it is lowest in all sectors across India at the moment and politics and governance are not aloof to this trend. We already saw a trailer in this present government, which first went along the lines of the communists, and then begged and fell to convicted criminals, corrupt politicians, just to sustain their position. We are not ignorant of what is happening in Pakistan. What started off as a fractured mandate for the Nawaz Sharif's party and slain leader Benazir Bh

Good templates for your blogs.

Many people ask me about good sites regarding putting up of a suitable template for their blog and other stuff. One such good site is which has several free blogger templates. Good variety but three collumn templates are very rare there. Rest not only blogger templates, these people have several related stuff as well, for you to check out

The Great Indian Elections

The Elections in India are round the corner. The verdict can be a sad one for our democracy if the smaller, regional parties win large amount of seats, like it is expected. I will be writing in detailed posts for the next one month if time and space here permits me to do so. Also, I would like to appeal to all of you, to contribute regarding elections, and the process of elections and politics happening around the world. What better idea to kick start a special awareness campaign on politics then with this website called The guys at this site, tell us about criminal backgrounds of our elected representatives so as to prevent criminalization of politics as much as possible. These things apart, my personal opinion on this site is the educational info they are handing about on all Member of Parliaments of the previous Lok Sabha is an awesome idea. I never knew that even in those days, Vajpayee studied M.A. political science. I mean i find such data fascinating. Coming

Epitome of Equality

First of all This is not to demean any religion.. I am a Hindu by birth, but yes I respect all religions .I offer my daily prayers , fast on holy days , but there was something that was disturbing me . God as per me was a Friend, someone who was by my side always , someone who was a dear friend , but this is not what everyone else thought , for others he was the Judge who gives his verdict always and punishes anyone and everyone . Walk into any temple and you would see , if you have money , you will be treated in a way as if you are the ONLY disciple of the God . I have had too many experiences where I was treated as a second class citizen in the temple . Why? Well I could not afford giving thousands as donation. This is not how it should be , God looks at each one of us with the same divinity .As I mentioned God for me is a friend, so tell me, do we chose friends based on their bank balances? Do we give our verdict on them ? then how can God do it? I know many of us would

Happy Women's Day

Another Women's day is here. International Women's day I must rather say.. Celebrated to honour women all across the planet. Honour my foot!! But my question is does the world ‘International’ exclude India? They treat women like a piece of @%#$ and celebrate women's day to cover that all up. They will stand up and bow to the women power on March 8 every year to justify the rest 364 days of the year. The gentry of the society will hold seminars, award functions to show respect to women liberation, honour their achievements and celebrate their abilities. As soon as this day passes, things get back to normal. Indians are big time hypocrites. Their mythology, their culture tells them to treat women like goddess- they worship young girls in the days of Navratri, and as soon as it is over, they do not hesitate to kill their unborn and even born baby girls in the greed of a son who would lead them to Moksha. How justified is it to kill a living being in the desire of a

White bread

White bread. Ingredients: 700g multi-purpose flour 1 packet mauripan yeast 1 teaspoon fine salt 1 tablespoon sugar 2 tablespoons shortening (pure vegetable) 300ml warm water Mix flour into bowl and make a hole in the middle. Pour salt, dry yeast, sugar and half cup or warm water. Without mixed it, rested by cover it with damp cloth for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, knead the flour by pouring the plain water slowly until the flour become a dough. Lastly, knead it with shortening until the dough become soft. Rested under damp cloth again until the dough doubled the size....about 20 minutes. Once the dough raised double, knead it to remove the air and rested in the glazed loaf pan for about 15 minutes. Once the dough is raised, bake it under 180 degree C for 15 - 20 minutes. Done, glaze the top with butter. * Serving size: 3 medium loaves the dough can enhance with oats, resin and any preferred. Have a nice try!

We need to talk about Kevin

This is a book about a high-school murder by a teenager. Sounds familiar? Well, it's actually quite different. 'We need to talk about Kevin' is written in the form of letters from a wife to her absent husband. Their son is in jail serving time for killing seven of his classmates, a teacher and a cafeteria worker. The book is from Eva's point of view starting from the time of his birth to the actual incident. Eva tries to find out what went wrong. Was it the fact that she never wanted to have Kevin in the first place? Or was he just born with a mean evil streak? Or did he somehow learn this? Or was this all just to get his mother's attention? The book asks the biggest question --- the nature v/s nurture debate. It also makes you question Kevin's motives. It makes you wonder about him --- he's such a dark character. Why did he do it? He was never bullied. Was he just born this way? It makes you question what is required of parents. It m

I Want Peace!

Peace is a state of mutual harmony between people or groups, especially in personal relations. It is true that this definition goes beyond personal relations and holds good for relations between nations, groups, races and sects of people living in this world. It is aptly symbolized by a white dove or pigeon. A flying bird, which is not easy to catch hold of; however, we never stop running after it. Only a clean and saintly mind would be able to catch hold of peace in its true sense. Peace is defined by different people in different ways. Some say if they have lots and lots of money, they will be at peace. Some think if they are famous, they will attain peace. There is another group of people who thinks that peace lay in God. They work towards meeting and unite with God and that is the way they choose to conquer peace. There are still different types of people who have defined peace in still different ways. All of us move in a direction we think will give us peace and we move on unt

Old pictures

Old memories - From left, Gaurish Mangal, Tushar Mangl, Mithil Mangal, Ridhima Mangal