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Kashmir To Kanyakumari - 48 Day of My Solo Trip in India

Everyone likes to travel with friends and family but trust me, you will get the real fun of travel when you start traveling solo. I am saying this thing after my 48 days of the solo trip in India From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, or you can say from North to South India. On a solo trip, you get the real knowledge of that place, you start observing the things instead of just watching, you begin exploring the place instead of just visiting, and that is the real fun. There are lots of things to do in India, thousands of places to visit, many activities to do. In India, you will find all five seasons (Summer, winter, spring, autumn and rainy) at any time. I started my journey in the month of February, and I found winters in the North, wet in middle and summer in South India during the same season.                                   The Places I covered from Kashmir to Kanyakumari are- On my long trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, I began with Srinagar from Delhi and afterward wa

Fantasy Soccer games on Dream11

Hey readers! There is no doubt that Cricket is among the most loved rather worshiped games in India. However, in the last few years, younger generation is gravitating towards other forms of sports like Rugby and Soccer as well. Especially, Soccer games has seen an exponential rise in popularity in the young, Indian sports fans. With the rising football fervour in real-world, the virtual version of the game is gaining a fan base, too. which is a hugely loved website amongst Indian Cricket fans for playing Virtual cricket is now conducting fantasy matches for other sports, like: Rugby, Soccer and Pro-Kabaddi too. To check out their website click here For the sake of introduction, Dream11 is an online, virtual gaming platform with awesome life-like graphics and excellent sound effects. Everything from the stadium to field to the players look extremely real to the gamers. To explore and play on this website or their mobile app, you need to register with them. The mobil

Olly - Olive's All Day Cafe

Olive Bistro has had a great presence in DLF Cyber Hub and also for a long time. The place has reinvented itself as Olly and I am glad that they have retained their original charm and great service intact. The interiors have gone for a huge makeover with more sunshine and white ceilings. (The hand pump is gone). The menu has only gotten better and my favorite Jar of Tiramisu is still here.                                             Prawns Pil Pil is one of the best dishes on the menu. The food bowl is healthy, filling and a great meal for any time of the day. I also had bite of the Huevos Rancheros, a better way to enjoy fried eggs. I would suggest if you are trying out this place for the first time go for their Italian options. The pizza is hand rolled and made right in front of you. Similarly the Sole fish is just great. The Banoffee Pie is the best way to end the meal even though the Tiramisu is one the best dessert options on the menu. For drinks the old