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Talentedge Awarded for "Best Use of ICT in Education"

At 11th ASSOCHAM Higher Education Summit 2018 & National Excellence Awards 2018 New Delhi: 20th February 2018: Talentedge, India’s leading Ed-Tech firm offering ‘live and interactive’ anywhere learning in digital format has been awarded for "Best Use of ICT in Education" at 11th ASSOCHAM Higher Education Summit 2018 & National Excellence Awards 2018 held at Hotel Imperial, Janpath, New Delhi on 17th February, 2018                                                        Dr Satya Pal Singh, Minister of State for Human Resource Development, GoI (Higher Education) and Chief Guest of the event presented the award to Talentedge for its innovative and first in kind "Live and Interactive Digital Learning" platform that delivers online executive courses to learners in India as well as abroad, in collaboration with world’s leading institutes like LSBF, JWMI, IIM, XLRI, MICA, etc. Aditya Malik, CEO & MD, Talentedge

5 Ways to Earn Money from Crowdworking

Over the last decade, there has been a lot of buzz on the Internet about ‘crowdsourcing’. The term was first used in 2005 by Jeff Howe, Editor at Wired to describe the practice of outsourcing work to a crowd of skilled people in order to achieve desired results. As more and more organizations resorted to crowdsourcing for work organization, a whole new industry of crowdworkers was formed. Simply a derivative of crowdsourcing, ‘crowdworking’ refers to the process where a crowd of people comes together to work on small tasks for a person/business and gets paid for it. These participants, or crowdworkers, may not have a real job per se, but what they have is the chance to earn a decent income while sitting at home by dedicating more and more time to doing different tasks online. With the rising trend of work-from- home in lieu of 9-to- 5 structure, more and more companies are exploring crowdworking avenues to create content, design a product, resolve a problem, or even

Reposting Etiquette on Instagram

With Instagram gaining all those plentiful eyeballs and high user attention, no wonder that it is becoming a medium of choice for both budding photographers and brand marketing professionals. With your work in public domain, which is accessible to millions of users world wide, potential for abuse or misuse is natural to happen. Repost is becoming once such act of misuse widely much to chagrin of Igers who are putting in a lot of effort for their picture content. So what is a repost? As the name suggests if someone reposts your Insta post it is termed in as a repost. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Depends on various things. Many people are just setting up accounts based on reposts to gather top quality content (from various great Insta accounts). The idea is to build a large following with minimal efforts. This is obviously quite disturbing for those who have put in efforts on their Insta accounts. Their are many Igers who take their Insta accounts quite se

Is being called Sir really a terrific thing?

I am blessed truly, I believe because I am growing wiser as I grow old. Not many people reach there. One of the perks being an expert in multiple fields of communication is that I am called upon to conduct workshops or keynotes on topics ranging from blogging to what not. And they all call me sir. Not only who those attend or organize these workshops but generally too, so many people seek me out for advice and they are like Sir or Tushar Sir. And honestly speaking, I am always unsure about how to react to this. We in India grow up as Britishers taught us like for 100 years . Sir, Ma'am is ingrained in our psyche. Even though the Britishers themselves use the term as honorific title generally knighted upon someone. I have no doubt people do call me Sir with respect, but in our modern times is the prefix (or suffix) relevant? I worked in an MNC where everyone called each other by their first name.I moved on to an Indian Startup where we have a mixed bag of people half

How to Choose the Right Uniforms for Your Employees

Uniforms are usually worn in work activities that require either manual labor or face to face customer interaction. However, each business has particular needs, and it is important to consider these needs when designing the uniforms. There are many factors to consider, but don’t worry, as we have some tips that will help you make the right choice.   1. Consider the purpose of your uniform First of all, you need to be very clear with what you want to achieve with the uniforms. If your business is in the health or food industry, the uniforms must inspire cleanliness, so you should opt for white uniforms. If your employee s work in harsher conditions, opt for dark colors that can hide the stains, and make sure the uniforms also ensure the safety of the employees. Last but not least, if your employees have a lot of direct customer contact, the uniform will mainly be used for branding.   2. Keep your brand’s image in mind First of all, any respectable business should h

Creating Healthy Eating Habits For Your Child

Getting our kids to eat healthy and nutritious meals is probably one of parenthood’s biggest challenges. It would seem that children have some innate aversion to vegetables and anything green (except green candy, of course). So before you start driving yourself crazy trying to find creative ways to sneak veggies into their diet or spending precious minutes cutting up their food into fun shapes in the hopes of tempting them to give it try, the solution may actually be a lot simpler. You. Your example is what your children will follow. Just as this appeals to behavior and making good choices in life, so will your child’s food preferences depend on you. You are your child’s most important role model! Our society as a whole is moving in the direction of healthier eating and making healthier lifestyle choices. The use of dietary supplements has increased as we try to make sure we are getting the very best and consuming the necessary vitamins and minerals we need to function. Rese

Cafe Staywoke - South Point Mall, Gurgaon

I visited this newly opened cafe recently and was welcomed by a fresh change from the convention of most of Gurgaon's eateries. The music was not loud at all, and the ambiance cool and inviting for a warm conversation over great Blue Tokai Coffee. Add to that some very innovative dishes which do not vary much from the basics and yet surprise you with their flavors and taste. Drinks The Campa Wala Doodh invokes nostalgia and even though Campa is a dead brand, they use Coca-Cola to blend it with milk and ice for a great cooler. I really liked Masala Imli Thumbs Up, which just bettered the regular Thumbs Up. Food A recommended try is their scrambled eggs. It's extremely light and creamy. I am told that they have a unique way of scrambling the eggs which ensure added creaminess. The goat cheese and the bread which accompanies this is good too. Ragi Upma is healthy and filling and scores high on taste. For vegetarians, Mushroom Vol-au-Vent is a must try. The Sumac a