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Cafe Staywoke - South Point Mall, Gurgaon

I visited this newly opened cafe recently and was welcomed by a fresh change from the convention of most of Gurgaon's eateries. The music was not loud at all, and the ambiance cool and inviting for a warm conversation over great Blue Tokai Coffee. Add to that some very innovative dishes which do not vary much from the basics and yet surprise you with their flavors and taste.


The Campa Wala Doodh invokes nostalgia and even though Campa is a dead brand, they use Coca-Cola to blend it with milk and ice for a great cooler.

I really liked Masala Imli Thumbs Up, which just bettered the regular Thumbs Up.


A recommended try is their scrambled eggs. It's extremely light and creamy. I am told that they have a unique way of scrambling the eggs which ensure added creaminess. The goat cheese and the bread which accompanies this is good too.

Ragi Upma is healthy and filling and scores high on taste. For vegetarians, Mushroom Vol-au-Vent is a must try. The Sumac and Zartar Chicken is a delight to eat and even look at, with the pomegranate oil turning the grilled chicken pink. Escabeche of Prawn is a go-to dish for seafood lovers.

However, the Duck Madras Curry can be avoided as it is an Indian version of Khao Suey served with Malabar Paranthas. It's not bad, just that there are better items on the menu. Take, for example, the Seared Lamb, a house specialty which is just fab in taste.


Chai Kulfi with Parle G is a special dish, which is served in a teacup and has a thick pudding-like consistency.

Semifredo is eggless and is a better alternative to brownie and ice cream we eat at usual cafes across town. It has dark bitter chocolate and orange just helps with the taste.

Cafe Staywoke is a comfortable place for casual conversations and catch ups over good food and drinks. 


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