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Talentedge Awarded for "Best Use of ICT in Education"

At 11th ASSOCHAM Higher Education Summit 2018 & National Excellence Awards 2018

New Delhi: 20th February 2018: Talentedge, India’s leading Ed-Tech firm offering ‘live and interactive’ anywhere learning in digital format has been awarded for "Best Use of ICT in Education" at 11th ASSOCHAM Higher Education Summit 2018 & National Excellence Awards 2018 held at Hotel Imperial, Janpath, New Delhi on 17th February, 2018


Dr Satya Pal Singh, Minister of State for Human Resource Development, GoI (Higher Education) and Chief Guest of the event presented the award to Talentedge for its innovative and first in kind "Live and Interactive Digital Learning" platform that delivers online executive courses to learners in India as well as abroad, in collaboration with world’s leading institutes like LSBF, JWMI, IIM, XLRI, MICA, etc.

Aditya Malik, CEO & MD, Talentedge on receiving award, said, “Over the last four years, Talentedge has been gaining the trust of more than 3,00,000 individuals and corporate learners through Premium Executive courses and degree programs, product modules and end-user learning solutions. We are committed towards changing the way people learn and have succeeded in replicating face-to-face classroom learning in the virtual world. This award will motivate us to continue breaching new frontiers and keep on innovating in the education space for the benefit of our learners. 

Talentedge, with its second generation learning app SLIQ 2.0, India’s first digital learning platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, has marked its presence globally by changing the norms of old school learning. SLIQ 2.0 monitors teachers and learners during the session and provides valuable feedback of their activities during the session.

About Talentedge

Talentedge is India’s first Ed-Tech firm bringing ‘Live & Interactive’ anywhere learning, in digital format. It offers courses jointly with world’s leading institutes and corporates, enabling working professionals to plan their future course of action and fast track their careers. It has partnered with top Indian & International institutes including, IIMs, XLRI, Jack Welch Management Institute (JWMI), MICA and corporate like Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) for delivering world class digital education to the working professionals across the country. Talentedge is one of the first Ed-Tech organizations to be credited with an ISO certification and today provides over 250 courses from 70+ premium Indian & International institutes.


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