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Of Media Obsession of Congress defined nationalism

Something something happens and media, social and electronic all go to grab maximum twitter tweets and FB likes. The most painful part about this is the role of social media. It is easy for the Congress obsessed media to hate the BJP and make every issue about RSS and BJP. Even nationalism for example. But why does not a Rajdeep Sardesai I wonder, not pained when a Tanzanian girl is stripped in Bangalore and police decide to take things easy? Just because Bangalore is ruled by the Congress, it is okay with everyone. We are all okay with the inaction of the police on a mob that went around and beat up the girl and her friends. Well because they all love and preach Congress brand of nationalism. No Arnab gets angry no Ravish comes out with theatrical dialogues. This is the patriotism we all are made to like. Where we go around chasing young foreign women and beat them around. It is all okay as long you are not even distantly associated with RSS or BJP.  You are also allowed to bur

It hurts to let go - Sunday musings

Letting go, is such a common catch phrase these days. Let go of this, that and everything.It's a cool Sunday morning and as I am reading blogs, going through the facebook posts and all, I get thinking of letting go. In terms of relationships. You know how it is, you ask (or don't ask) any person advise of relationship they all jump in with this age old formula of letting go. Be it cranky friends, annoying relatives, the stupid bosses at work or nosy neighbours. Each relationship it seems is based on letting go. That's how we live as a society. Ignore, avoid and let go. You fight, argue, borrow money, return money whatever, if you want to maintain good relations, just let go. But in the end it hurts. You know that the friend you are sipping coffee with, had once betrayed you way back. The relative for whose marriage you are super excited still owes you money. The ex who is a friend (supposedly) once broke your heart (and ego) very bad. Parents for whom you want to do so m