It hurts to let go - Sunday musings

Letting go, is such a common catch phrase these days. Let go of this, that and everything.It's a cool Sunday morning and as I am reading blogs, going through the facebook posts and all, I get thinking of letting go. In terms of relationships. You know how it is, you ask (or don't ask) any person advise of relationship they all jump in with this age old formula of letting go. Be it cranky friends, annoying relatives, the stupid bosses at work or nosy neighbours. Each relationship it seems is based on letting go. That's how we live as a society. Ignore, avoid and let go. You fight, argue, borrow money, return money whatever, if you want to maintain good relations, just let go.

But in the end it hurts. You know that the friend you are sipping coffee with, had once betrayed you way back. The relative for whose marriage you are super excited still owes you money. The ex who is a friend (supposedly) once broke your heart (and ego) very bad. Parents for whom you want to do so much are still partial to the other child. It's all okay we say, let it go.

After all what choice do we have? If we start chaffing out people out of our lives for various reasons, we would be so isolated today. It hurts when you have been wronged but loneliness will hurt you more. I might sound a bit cynical here, but think about all the people in your lives and all the times you had to forget and let go. Now think of all the relationships ruined as we could never let go. It's like this mental sieve we got. Which relation suits our emotional needs at the moment, we keep, others we don't let go, we build up the walls, erect a fence.

One day we will rip open the bandaged and peep into the old scars. I know it will hurt a lot. I just hope we never have to answer the question, was all the letting go, really worth it?


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