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Organic Food Is Better Than Non-Organic, here's Why?

Organic produce is the food that is made by using as much as natural products as possible. This is done to keep any chemical trances even though said safe is not all-natural, which will cause the food to grow to lose some of its natural nutrients. This type of growing produce is called inorganic produce. This is done by adding some chemical fertilizers and pesticide during the growth for making a high-breed or to make it look more vibrant and have shine to it on the outside. This adding of chemicals will also cause for the food to grow to lose some of its taste due to the faster growth process. Especially with animal products, they are fed with hormones, drugs, etc., for further growth of the tier body and increase the quality of the meat. Non-organic food items are usually cheaper compared to the organic counterpart because farming and growing methods yield more food per acre. There is minimal loss due to insect damage, and shelf life is often longer. According to