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Delhi - my favorite city in India

Delhi is and would always be a city close to my heart. It has the energy and heritage to make any city a great one. Established centuries ago, it has been a city held by great importance by rulers of ancient India. In fact it is due to this fact that When the British wanted complete control over India, they chose Delhi to be the capital of British India. When Qutab bin Aibak established Delhi as capital of his dynasty he built Qutab Minar, an iconic structure that till date is one of the most visited places of architectural importance. When you talk about design, the city has a number of places built since that time. Successive rulers since then raised and built structures, which added to their legacy and reminds us of their time. You can still see the times of the Tughalqs in the ruins of Tughlaqabad and the Red Fort still echoes times of the Mughals who reigned over the entire country from here. This city has seen so many rulers and each ruler has had left a distinct impression on