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A Trip to Mahabaleshwar via Pustakanch Gaav

When one thinks of Mahabaleshwar, visuals of misty mountains, deep valleys, blue waters and green trees emerge. It’s one of the most refreshing weekend getaways for folks who love to relax under the skies, amidst the greens. However, now there’s one more reason to cherish; in addition to listening to chirping birds and dipping drops, a brand-new experience awaits you. A village was known as Bhilar (aka Pustakanch Gaav or village of books) is a must-visit place for literature and reading enthusiasts. This article will help you learn more about this village that’s India’s first book tourism destination. From the location perspective, Bhilar is situated in the Mahabaleshwar Tehsil of the Satara district in Maharashtra. It’s about 18 kilometers and 8 kilometers away from Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani respectively. The village is spread across 432 hectares; it houses about 3,000 people in 620 homes. Strawberry plantation is the main occupation; the village earns an annual profit of

After Stories - Sector 29 Gurgaon

Just right next to the Powergrid office and backside of Iffco Chowk Metro station lies After Stories, in a comfortable and visible corner. It is a microbrewery offering some great Beer and drinks with great food. I went there recently to meet a cousin over some drinks. The ambiance is quite warm and welcoming. The place has varied seating options from outdoors to the basement or the first-floor brewery. Their in-house DJ plays some awesome music for those who are in a mood to party. Ordered their famous Peach Beer which was awesome. Although the place is more famed for its Beer, they serve one of the best Sangria's in town. The chicken popcorns are a must try. Thier specialty starter is Tawa Meat with bhuna masala served with crispy flatbread. This dish is cooked slowly over hours, making it a flavorful delight. For meat lovers, this dish is a must try.  Desserts Chocolate& Walnut Brownie is good at this place but Chocolate Fondant is better.

An Indian village demands a feast from a father of a raped, impregnanted minor

Great things happen in India every day. Hidden in today's news in a convenient corner was a news which was appalling but not shocking at the same time. A village wants a feast from a father of a 9th class kid, who was raped by her headmaster. We are talking about a village in Koraput district in Orissa so the story might not be up to your #metoo style taste. Nevertheless,  I got to tell it, and you should read it even though its not urban enough to cause a candle light outrage. So the girl is a 9th class kid, raped by her headmaster. The administration of our democracy is for the people and by the people. After the father lodged a FIR saying that his daughter was both raped and impregnated by the school headmaster, the babus swung into action.  District welfare officer of Koraput Jagannath Soren has said that a report has found that it is a case of “illicit relationship” on the part of the headmaster and not that of sexual assault or rape.  Simple. Poor headmaste

How people ruined the beautiful festival of Diwali

Its not about religion, it is about environment and life. Sitting in their diesel guzzling SUVs and Sedans, honking horns, relentlessly people type on social media and mobile about the pollution level on Diwali. They even show concern for dogs and cats while parking that huge car in a place where once there were trees. All that is acceptable to the hypocritical Indian, and it is only on Diwali, suddenly this wave of environment love is born. For the smoke and  noise of crackers has ruined one of the most beautiful festivals of our country. The citizens are oblivious to the fact that the smoke and the sting is a sharp reminder of the fact, that how much we take our environment and nature for granted. India has a remarkably great tolerance for environment degradation which is evident from a visit to any of our cities. You see mindless chopping of trees for that extra car, wall to wall roads for the traffic, sharp reduction in green areas so that our burgeoning populatio