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Delhi Metro

I ain't a man who is very fond of technology and stuff like that, neither am I expert on engineering marvels. But Delhi Metro, a mass rail transport project is something that not only awes but inspires. A perfect example of how good technology and nice business brains can merge up to create a very convenient public utility. as it speaks of the fact how minimum government interference and maximum of its support can create marvels such as these.Its quite sad enough that we are not learning quite many lessons from this success.

IPL - A simple story of power and revenge

Everyone around here must have heard or read or seen on TV about the mess surrounding the Indian Premier League. A league where money, power and entertainment was glossed and embossed up on the game of cricket making it a nice cash cow of an enterprise. So what is this new mess all about? Well, India is a land of jungles, and it is the law of the Jungles that rules our lands. (The judiciary is too piled up with work as always and legislature well, is another story as always). So, we have this envious rich man, called Lalit Modi, who is running IPL like his very own private business. He sells teams and contracts at high rates. To cut the long story short, he comes across a minister of the ruling congress party who wishes his best for a close female friend. Wishing best implies, shares in one of the new formed IPL teams. As it always happens in the jungles, rabbit is eaten by wolf, Lion eats the wolf and the grasshopper was what the rabbit had in breakfast. So Mr. Modi, slightly missing


Vedanta (Devanagari: वेदान्त, Vedānta) was originally a word used in Hindu philosophy as a synonym for that part of the Veda texts known also as the Upanishads. The name is a sandhied form of Veda-anta = "Veda-end" = "the appendix to the Vedas". Well, when I was browsing through the TV channels today, I was brought to a halt when one of the Spiritual Gurus were talking about Vedanta and in that 20 minutes of the program, he told a few things about the differences or rather the transformation of Vedas to Vedanta. The most important thing that I liked was the order of facts. In Vedas, he said, the faith is imposed on. As in, “You need to do that this way and this way alone” the tone in the four Vedas were more orthodox – where the Slokas or the chants instructs one to follow whatever is written/told and not to question. This is similar in other religions, like Christians and Islam, where questioning God or the faith is prohibited in some forms. This looks autocratic o