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BBA - 706 PTU Management of Financial Institutions - 2009

Paper ID B0137 Year: 2009 BBA ( BB - 706) (SO5) SEM: 5th and 6th Management of Financial Institutions Time: 03 Hours Maximum Marks : 75 Instructions to Candidates: 1) Section - A is Compulsory. 2) Attempt Nine Questions from Section - B Section - A ( 15*2 = 30) Q - 1) a) Name Four ALL India Development banks. b) Role of financial Institutions. c) Explain Risk and Inflation. d) Give Four Main Functions of RBI. e) Define the Term Primary Reserve. f) Mention Two Functions of Money Market. g) Discuss the Role of Capital market. h) What is on - line trading Concept? i) Mention Two Functions of Stock Exchanges. j) What is the qualification for membership in Stock Exchanges? k) Define the meaning of Mutual Fund. l) How Commercial Banks are different from development banks? m) Discuss the problem of time and cost over - runs. n) What is meant by Capital Planning? o) Discuss Two Objectives of UTI. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<&l


TWILIGHT SERIES! DOES IT PRICK SOMEWHERE? Many kids of my age have started reading and now re-reading this series of books written by “Stephanie Meyer” namely Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn which have touched the platform of “National bestsellers” and have been pretty hyped as the heirs to Anne Rice and Harry Potter. Ok! First things first! I was too one of ‘these admirers’ of the “Twilight series”. But it’s now that I realize that it was really not worth it. Alright, alright before people just accuse me of being a bit jealous or whatever, I might just as well scuttle through some fine things about these books. They are rich in details of the emotions of each and every character. They are pretty well-written with some creative yet unique aspects and characteristics of the supernatural elements. Also, the back-stories of various characters are quite fascinating. There are spot-on allusions to other works as well. It is romantic indeed. One automatically feels a


I was going through my favorite book of quotations. And I happened to go through a quotation on love which seemed quite interesting to me. It goes like this- "To love someone is to isolate him from the world, wipe out every trace of him, dispossess him of his shadow, and drag him into a murderous future. It is to circle round the other like a dead star and absorb him into a black light." -Jean Baudrillard (1929-fatal strategies) Ahaaa!!! are right. It does seem to be real tragic or sorts of negative definition of love.i agree! You tend to limit yourself to your lover. Limit all your dreams and desires and ambitions. Your world starts revolving around just one person...his likes dislikes and accordingly, the adjustments you need to make in a relationship.suprisingly you even plan every second of yours according to his need...i.e.-when you both can talk, meet etc.i am talking abou

The English teacher

The English teacher,by R.K. Narayan . The whole book was a mess,and after reading it,the first thing i did was to restore it,the cover had peeled off.This book was printed in 1955,although it was first published a decade earlier. Genre- Autobiographical Novel,Fiction Age factor- 16 and above The book R.k.'s style of writing is one the most astounding ones i have ever seen.With just one book, I own,he has impressed me deep within.The story line is very simple,plain yet the emotional punch that comes,is so strong that it hits u well. This is s story of a English teacher,the impact his married life and fatherhood has and his transition from bachelorhood to these new responsibilities.It also tracks his spiritual side. A good book,a must read. Gifting ideas A good book to gift.Popular title,Widely available.Approx 200 pages thick.Reasonably priced.Suitable for all age groups. A thought worth sharing " Never lend books, for no one ever returns them; the only books I have in my lib

The Kingdom...a compelling watch

Hi All, I had watched the movie 'The Kingdom' on TV a couple of weeks back and since then I have been itching to write a review/post about it. The movie started close to midnight and went on well past 1 am. The fact that I was glued to the idiot box all that time and didn’t even dare to switch channels, lest I miss a few seconds of the film, should be sufficient to convey the intensity of the movie. 'The Kingdom' is based on a semi fictional plot on the bombings of the residential quarters of foreign workers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The blast leaves the many dead and several more injured. The America Diaspora is devastated and furious. It doesn’t help that the atrocity was carried out by men masquerading as Saudi policemen. The monarchy, understanding the gravity of the situation, promises action but at the same time utilizes ambiguous laws to prevent American sleuths from investigating this carnage. But remember this is an American movie and the Americans

A worthy Piece of Shit....

SO you ppl thought, that shit has no value on the planet, except perhaps to make bio gas? Well, Haaathi Chaap is an initiative by Mahima (as appears from the website) wherein, an elephant's poo is used to make paper and paper products. I strongly favor the need for such innovative ideas to make nature friendly products. Also, I have a strong belief in the dictum that nothing should be termed waste, ever. is the URL of the website. You must visit it 1) for knowing more about this fascinating process of converting dung into paper. 2) A lot of interesting trivia on elephant dung paper. These people claim that elephant dung can make great raw material for paper making. 3) The range of products looks quite interesting, but am not sure of their worth viz a viz the price. All in all a good site to visit and if you can lay your hands upon any of their products, please go ahead and support a good cause.

Cardamom Chops

Cardamom Chops Prep: 5 minutes Cook: 1 ½ hour Makes: 8 servings 1kg mutton chops 5-6 cups milk 6 large brown elaichi (cardamoms), lightly crushed Salt to taste 20 green elaichi (cardamoms) 15 whole peppercorns 1 ½ cups dahi Oil for frying 1. Boil chops in milk with brown elaichi till milk dries up and chops are tender. Add salt just before it’s done, when just a little milk is left. Meanwhile, remove seeds from green elaichi and crush. 2. Add a little oil. Continue to cook for a few minutes, stirring occasionally. Add crushed elaichi and peppercorns; continue cooking till chops are well browned. Add dahi, cover and simmer till oil separates. Serve.

Poached peaches in strawberry syrup

Poached peaches in strawberry syrup Prep: 10 minutes Cook: 35-40 minutes, plus overnight chilling Makes: 10 servings 750ml dry white wine 175g golden caster sugar (or mix of brown and white) 1-inch piece ginger, peeled and sliced 450g strawberries, hulled 8 ripe, firm peaches A little lemon juice to taste 1. Slice 125g strawberries. Bring to boil with wine, sugar and ginger. Add peaches; cover with wax paper and lid. Return to boil; simmer 5 minutes or till tender. 2. Remove peaches with slotted spoon and ease off skins. Halves, stone and place in large salad bowl. Halve remaining strawberries and add to bowl. 3. Return liquid to boil for 20-25 minutes or till syrupy. Add lemon juice. Let cool, then sieve over fruit. Cover with clingfilm and chill overnight before serving.

Career Guidance For Smart Teens

In today’s modern world, teens want to succeed in their careers right from a very early age. The competitive streak is very strong in them and they want to outdo their peers in every respect. Today’s smart teens seek career guidance right from high school. As a teen, you may want to discuss your own ideas on work and seek inspirirational and sound advice from an expert. One of the best ways to assist you in making future work choices is to first determine your aptitude and interests towards a particular field. You may want to ask yourself a few questions to determine where your interests’ lye:  What are your favorite subjects at school?  How do you spend your free time?  Are you a member of any club at school?  What kind of community activities are you involved in?  Do you have any hobby?  Do you have a passion for anything in particular?  What kind of summer jobs are you interested in?  What careers do you find appealing? You need to find ways to maximize your natural skills a