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R.I.P. by Mukul Deva

Mukul Deva is being hailed in the literary circles as the next big thing in the Indian thriller writing world. Perhaps truly so, as one after one his books hit the bestseller mark with ease. During my recent travels I read his recent book R.I.P – The Resurgent Indian Patriots. The book is about vigilante activism in the center of which is retired Colonel Krishna Athawale and his K-Team. Sounds like Liam Neeson’s A- Team, doesn’t it? Yes, the story seems to coming directly from the good old English movies watching which we all grew up. But the plot is definitely Indian. Fed up with the corruption in the Indian political class, Krishna an ex- para military commando along with his team, decides to take action. But the politicians are politicians after all. So they send CBI after his team and secretively they also send another team led by Raghav Bhagat to hunt and kill the RIP team. Now Raghav is both corrupt and also an ex- para military commando. So, the story chugs along almost on p