1. BED:- 1. Mattress (1)

2. Maters protector (1)

3. Bed sheet (2)

4. Night spread (1)

5. Blanket (1)

6. Pillows (2)

7. Bed cover (1)


2. ENTRANCE DOORS:- 1. Lire exit plan

2. DND card on the door know

3. Collect my laundry card

4. Please clean my room card

3. WARDROBE:- 1. Coat hangers

2. Skirt trouser hangers

3. Laundry bags

4. Pot

5. Extra blanket and pillows

6. Bed slippers

4. LOUNGE :- 1. Sofa, armchair, easy chair

2. Coffee table

3. On the coffee table (a) Daily newspaper

(b) Ashtray with matchlrox

(c) In house magazine

5. SOFT-FURNISHING’S :- 1. Heavy curtains (curtains that provide texture and cut the light come in)

2. Sheer curtains (curtains that are light in colour and stop the glare of light coming in and provide

privacy to some extent when heavy curtains are up.

3. Cushions on the sitting.


1. Mirror with well mounted lamps

2. Bud vase

3. Study table lamp

4. A stationary folder containing

(a) Hotel letter pad

(b) Envelopes

(c) Aerogrammes

(d) Picture post card

(e) House rule card

(f) Main wording address card

(g) Expecting a call card

(h) Ball pen

(i) Guest comment card (guest questionnaire)

(j) Room service menu card book

(k) Hotel sales and promation brouchers

(l) Scrilling pad

In a study table drawer

1. Breakfast hanger
2. Dutch wife (sewing kit)
3. Business kit
4. Lelegram or telefax forms
5. Laundry list

Under the study table

1. Waste paper leasket
2. Shoe shine card

7. BED SIDE TABLE :- 1. Scrilling pad

2. Hotel telephone directory

3. Pen/pencil

4. Bhagwat gita

5. Vacum flask on tray (in double room). It is kept on led side table or dressing table.

6. Sterlized drinking glasses

7. Local telephone directory

8. T.V./MUSIC control

9. Light control switches

10. Telephone tent card

8. OTHER ITEMS :- 1. Luggage rock

2. T.V. with/without remote

3. Programme guide

4. Minilar

5. Safe/electronic safe

6. Fax machine

7. Ler/coffee maker

9. FLOORING :- Well to well carpeting


1. BATH TUB :- Tub mat, bathmat, bath soap, mug, showerhead, shower culicle,

(a) Bath towel

(b) Shower curtain

(c) Rod

2. WASH BASIN COUNTER :- 1. Hand towel (2)

2. Face towel (2)

3. Well mounted mirror

4. Hair dryer

5. Tooth brush glasses (2)

6. Electric switch plate

7. Shower/shaving kit

8. Face tissue box

9. Extra toilet roll

10. Ashtray

11. Shower cap

12. Soaps/shampoo

13. Moisturizers, loofah

14. Lotion, nail file

15. Shaving mirror


1. Bathroom supplies
2. Sanitary lins with disporalle lags
3. Weight scale

3. WATER CLOSET C.W.C.J. :- 1. Sanitary disinfectant slip/loard (in vacant rooms)

2. Toilet roll holder in a triangle bar fold

3. Deodriser (odinil stick)

4. Shoe shine slip

5. Wall mounted telephone

4. ENTERANCE OF BATHROOM:- 1. Full length mirror facing the room behind

2. Cloth bags

3. Bath role

4. Bottle opener on the door frame inside the bathroom.

NOTE:- Ventilator grill is above the bath tub or shower area.

Tushar Mangl


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