Saturday, July 07, 2007

I learned this word when i was a small kid listening to "veeru" of film Sholay as he was shouting suicide...suicide..suicide...and I learned the meaning of suicide
over the period of time...I have heard many opinions about suicide,,, many condemned it as an act of cowardice...some say its an act out of utter desperation,,,
we were always taught its a bad thing ... something week people do...
Also...i observe a lot many cases of suicide these doing it because of problems with their land, crops, taken loans were taken,,, urban youth doing it for the sheer depression of their jobs,,, shouldntkids again for pressure of studies...peer pressure and
depression...even am often tempted by this great idea of giving up life...but alas stop myself because of the ambitions I have to achieve..hehe
I think suicide involves lots of courage...try slapping yourself hard once...u will realize how tough it is to hit yourself...let alone to take your own life..shouldn't
so we call it cowardice...also everyone has a right to lead his or her own end it at least a person should have that kind of freedom...why should we bound our lives for the family...friends etc etc...doesn't our life matters to us at all...we all like to have a say how should we lead it but not how to end it???just because some people want us for their support...i don't really approve of this idea...
Still i think we should show concern to attempted suicides by students...also those by the farmers...rising stress level has increased the rate,,,but so much importance is given to stress and depression...suicide is like a neglected problem..this is also
because we fail to club together all the categories of people committing suicide everything is so scattered...children commit suicide or attempt to its often hidden from rest of the die and its taken note of,to keep the numbers in records ..govt data as they call...professional people end their lives and stray cases re reported to police and point is that no constructive efforts re being taken...even talking about suicide is done in hush hush manner as to discourage it especially in front of a stressed out person...
I think its time society changes its perception ... its outlook of suicide...
the tall buildings of concrete being built re the most vulnerable points for suicide
...wake up folks do something about it...
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