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Empower girl child to reduce social prejudices

It is sad to reveal that more than 10 million girls have been killed by their parents either before or after they were born in India. Not only this, number of girls that are fully vaccinated is 5% points lower than that of boys. If girl child is neglected in first few years of her survival, she has to come up with less food rights throughout her growing years.

In this gloomy scenario surrounding girl child, very less percentage of girls attend schools. Approximately, 70% of girls between the age of 6 and 10 years attend school as compared to 76% among boys. In upper primary classes, the level of girls drops down to 40% and then much more in secondary levels. Since it is considered less important to educate and empower girl child, it is no big surprise that 54% of females remain illiterate as compared to 76% of males.

In recent years, the government has developed free education program for single girl child in order to discourage multiple child birth. Government has also developed schemes which provide free education to families with two girls and even scholarships for their higher education for the purpose of empowering girl child. These schemes help in modifying the thinking pattern of families but it is important that these schemes are well understood and explained to people so that the main motto of developing such schemes can be achieved.

Do you know that there are number of government schemes though thought and planned properly but failed miserably at execution level? This happens due to the lack of clarity of policies among grass-root-level officers which makes them unable to clearly explain the right purpose of schemes to people and eventually the whole idea of developing such schemes get lost somewhere.


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