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Discriminations faced by a girl child

Gender discrimination is a major cause of the global order. The economies are galloping at very high speed, new inventions; new techniques are being developed each day. Yet, the society seems to be taking a step backwards, with its attitude towards girl child. This has been happening since centuries and it is high time, some concrete actions be taken to combat this situation. Preference for a male child is a deep rooted psychology in not only the developing countries of Asia and Africa but also developed countries in the America and Europe. This trend is both disturbing and shocking.

People feel that if they have a son, the son would inherit the property and family name. He would then carry off their legacy further. A girl child however, will have to be married off to another household and is seen as a burden. A burden which has to be a one day shipped off to someone else’s home with lots of dowry. So, the monetary incentive is always at the side of the boy who would bring in dowry instead of giving it away. Also, all the money spent on his education and welfare will remain within the family and would come to good use.

Thus, discrimination goes on within the four confined walls of a family. It is all hush, no one openly boasts about how they feel that the girl child happened by accident and it was a boy that they always wanted. The boy of the house has his all wishes unfulfilled, whereas the girl is taught to be modest and homely. These are the qualities that will come handy, when she is married off one day. She is not encouraged to get education, to look for jobs or even venture around after dark. However, the situation is turning better by the day, although a lot needs to be accomplished.


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