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Happyness - Life Lessons from a Creative Addict" by Dr. Yusuf Merchant

"Happiness is not a destination but a journey of self-discovery, where every step, no matter how small, is a triumph over despair."
Dr. Yusuf Merchant's "Happyness - Life Lessons from a Creative Addict" is a guide that looks into the depths of human resilience and the power of self-belief. Drawing from his life experiences, Dr. Merchant shares forty-two insightful strategies to cultivate a fulfilling and serene existence. The book is a fusion of scientific insights and existential reflections, providing readers with practical tools to combat negativity, manage stress, and pursue their dreams.

Dr. Merchant's narrative is personal, enriched with stories of overcoming adversity, addiction, and betrayal. His approach to mindfulness and visualization techniques is grounded in both psychological theory and spiritual wisdom. Each chapter is a testament to his belief in the transformative power of self-belief and integrity.

One of the book's features is its approach to happiness. Dr. Merchant explores the interplay between brain function, emotional well-being, and life's existential questions, making a strong case for self-awareness and ethical living as cornerstones of true happiness.

As the president of the Drug Abuse Information Rehabilitation & Research Centre (DAIRRC), Dr. Merchant's decades of experience shine through in his compassionate and practical advice. His success in rehabilitating individuals from various backgrounds is a testament to his innovative methods and dedication.

Illustration and designs - Kriti Monga
Publisher - Westland Books
Genre - Self-help/ motivation 
Price - Rs. 499

📚 How do you find moments of happiness in your everyday life?
What's your go-to technique for staying positive? Share your thoughts! 


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