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My Very 1st Post:-)

So finally Gauri Mathur comes in form to rite a post fr Tushar’s blog. :-)
As tis is my 1st post, I wud like to tok on topic wich is in fashion tese days..,is tere sumthn like lov r only infatuation.??
As I don kno wt love is so I cant cum out wid deeper meanings,bt till nw wt life has taught me by knowin various incidences I feel tat love is left far behind, its jus infatuation wich has strengthen his position in todays world. Tese days relationships r on fake terms r v can say temporary basis tat is have a crush on smbdy fr a smtme ,use tat person n jus finished it off…wich is often termed as infatuation at d end.
The most easiest part is to get in to tese kinds f relationships bt mst difficult part is to deal wid d consequences of such relationships, Ppl once heart broken,becomes too hard,cold,,tere perspective changes n becum numb. N wen tis situation arises d situation f depression takes his seat..wich is dangerous.
If v c r envioronment,every ten n nw r frnz cumes up wid d prob tat ,v broke off,,n v r upset ,tat person did tis n al..n v give tem a simple advice of move onn,,n v flash sum beautiful dialogues n finally v r done wid d,,formality of bein frnz ,,n v feel tat its sufficient,,v r done wid r job..
Bt d person wos sufferin knows,,hw it feels wen heart breaks,,n hw long time will b taken to recover frm such a brutal hurt,. N at tat time person feels ters no love only pain n whatever ws it it ws a mistake ,,a infatuation.
Here also persons tinkin doesn end up,,he started gettin pulled off frm relationships..,starts makin boundaries n at d end love theory is vanished n rude,selfish world theory is activated.
I kno tere wud b ppl wo r in serious relationships, n tey must hav a strong believe in tis love part n I really wish loads f gud luk fr tere future n God Bless tem wid same love n tender care in tere relationships, bt tese days majority is f heart broken ppl n its increasing day by day an finally it is resulting in creating a mind set f infatuation n hatred among ppl..n discouraging ppl to get into ny kind f relationships.. wich wil,, at d end nt result in a healthy outcome..
So v ppl shud be bit genuine fr others n help tem nt to form such opinions by takin a a very first step from ourself only tat if v genuinely like sum1,,ten only v shud approach tat person to get into any relationships n should try n carry out it till d end wid full trust,loyalty,care n a genuine love..:-)


somalee said…
seems u hv a lotta experience buddy!!
but ya,its very beautifully written n expressed...u write great.
should continue doing so..!!
tk cr
Tushar Mangl said…
Somalee is absolutely right.
You seem to have a lot of experience friend, and yes, you put forward your point so beautifully.
Keep writing
God Bless you :-)
Gauri Mathur said…
Thank u Tshhar n Somalee fr ur kind comments:-):-).
Thank u soo much.

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