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The compulsive confessor

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Voyaging through the blogosphere-5

The compulsive confessor
is the title of the blog we gonna explore today.This blog though personal in nature reflects the moods and times of urban upper-middle class youth.[I dunno how i concluded to tht].Before i praise and depraise this blog lets chek out the stats we have:
Blog title - The compulsive confessor
Blog url -
Author - Em
Created - june 2004
Genre - Personal
Roughly 4 years she has been blogging,am too junior to write about her blogs
but then after going through those blogs i feel that these series of voyaging would be imcomplete if i dont mention this blog.Another fantastic autobiographical blog this one has distinct style which i feel as i mentioned before the urban upper middle class youth will be able to relate with.If your a kiddo dont bother going in there,u may enjoy but wont understand.But if u have passed tht age do go thru not only u understand also u will enjoy.i say this because sometimes something weird,something different also brings a smile to our face.So even if u dont exactly find a joke book to laugh out,u will see a life and what a life.As i always say gaining knowledge is wat i preach,wat i do and wat i advice.This life teaches u loads of lessons which u wont be able to kno urself.As for the negatives well as a person junior to the author i wont really pin point anyhting wrong,also i dont have much to speak about the negative points the blogs re great the layout is fabalous.
There are loads of posts here for the readers to read, my pick of 3 best ones is:
1.We Are All Debate Club Mood-y (skip, if you prefer the party posts)
2.Shine On, You Crazy Diamond
3.Before I get way old and forget this stuff
and there are many more,a blog one cant miss reading,funny to say hbut i have to mention this tht while reading her blogs i missed jagjit singh singing on my media player and tht was until now impossible task to do this blog was so engrossing.God bless the writer
Next on our agenda is ApNi ApNi SoCh!...dekhte hain wat she thinks!!!
Till then
Happy blogging.


Roseate dreams said…
Nice way of describing a blog :)

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