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the transient twilight

Monday, October 01, 2007

Voyaging through the blogosphere-10

the transient twilight

is the blog we are going to review today....wat these words mean....for tht open up ur dictionaries and chek it too lazy to do tht for u[lolz] .Lets see the facts i have gathered about this blog.
Blog Title - the transient twilight
Blog url -
Blog Author - Twilighted Transience
Created - septemebr,2005
genre - personal
I dont have to really do a ahrd work in explaining this blog to the reader ,the reason being that the author has posted quite a little in this blog and watevr has been written its like many bottles of paint have been just splashed on a canvas randomly and wat has come out is amzingly pretty picture.So the author has just splashed her thoughts here.which fromt he writer's point of view is a great thing to do.But the readers who arent known to the author may not be able to connect to the writngs...Also i have observed tht the author hasnt been able to devote much time to her blogs...Neverthless here a re 3 posts to watch out for :





Of reflections on yesterday

So this was wat i thot of transient comment about how did u find this blog.
Up next is A monk in hot water .
Till then
Happy Blogging!!!


the transient twilight said...

that's nice.I mean ,'s personal...and i do not devote much time.there r reasons though... first am seriously busy...honest.second , my pieces usually go up on dailies... so tht takes my time....its less now..i dnt send up much now to the one point of tym thr was a lot.but gues m tird but nice of u to take not of the did u chance upon it?
second reson...i usually get attached to stuff i write n i DO NOT like displayin tht sor of personal touch on a public site.

...n umm..i'll go bac n read my own posts...

n yeah ur right...difficult for thn ive always thot, ur jus sppsd to derive ur own meanings...y shud ne1 b allowed to spoon feed u?

Tushar said...

Thanx for visitng my blog..:-)
i just stumbled on your blog while surfing through the blogoshere...
and i really liked your writng style
and its a great idea to let the readers conclude thier own meanings
Thanx once again
Hope to see you more often here


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