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10, 9, 8, 7,6....

Saturday,may 31,2008,8.06 Pm
Ohk,getting bored,it is very hot, so feeling lazy to write something crazy.So a tag,lets do it.

10 things you wish you could say to people right now: [This is good,i love giving advices.Leo u c ;)]
1. Do something for the rape victims.
2. Follow ethical and principled life.
3. Donate me money and books for my library.
4. Blog,Blog and blog
5. Stop wasting your life
6. Read,Read,read,read books unto death :D
7. Stop being a miser
8. Join a social movement.
9. I am always there for you
10. Spread smiles all around

9 things about yourself: [hehe.this is tgh]

1. I am a voracious reader
2. I am a solitary person,not be choice but destiny.
3. I am a foodie
4. I follow vastu and astrology,all branches of it.I have a lot of knowledge on vastu.
5. God sent me to earth,for a mission,and i got to do it,till my last breath.
6. I am the best est friend and worst est enemy you could ever had.
7. I like watching movies.
8. Punjabiyat is my pehchaan,my identity
9. I am a Ram Naam Saadhak

8 ways to win your heart: [Hehe,do you expect me to divulge these secrets?]
1. Pamper me with sweet words [ Flattery tames down the Lion ;)]
2. Listen to my lectures how ever boring they sound [yes, you got to do it :D]
3. Gift me books [As much as you can]
4. Help me out,with my social objectives [No one cares whether you are interested in them or not :P ]
5. Lead a ethical and principled life. [ The easiest and the best way]
6. Indulge in intelligent and enlightening conversations. [Its so tough..I tel you]
7. Food... [The best way to please a man :-)]
8. Sophistication and simplicity [Yups the great combo pleases me like anything]

7 things that are on your mind a lot: [Hmmm.....Naughty ques...]
1. When will my ambitions be achieved?
2. The Simla fiasco
3. Sex and the impact of it on this society
4. Some problems which my friends are facing.
5. My ambitions again. The mind keeps on making and rejecting plans
6. My country,,,where is it going?
7. What exciting thing should i do next.

6 things you wish you had never done: [Ahhh!!! This question should have never been never asked]
1. Simla
2. Taken non med in 11th
3. taken commerce in 12th
4. Been a snob as a child
5. Wasted whole of my life
6. Be so rude to my family.

5 turn offs:

1. Dumb brains
2. Unsophisticated
3. Meanness,selfishness
4. Insensitive
5. Richie rich show off

4 turn ons:
1. Intelligence.
2. Humbleness
3. Sensitivity
4. Sophistication

3 things you want to do before you die:
1. Create a library
2. Read as many books as i can.
3. Destroy my enemies.

2 smiley's that describe you:

1. :)
2. :D
1 confession:

I am a very selfish, cruel and mean person. :P

I want to tag every reader of this post,This was a great fun.but I mention 11 bloggers for whom this is a must do.
Osin Ankeita Sahefa
Khusboo Rashi Alvia Shaista
Sukanya Nidhi Jan


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