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Five Go off In a caravan [The Famous five]

Sunday,may 25,2008.3.50 P.M.

Every child has a phase of reading.I too had phases,reading tastes changed with time. A significant turning point was when i left behind those thin fairy tales and started off with proper books,and in our time the numero uno children's book author was Enid Blyton. And it was the very famous series of hers,the famous five with which i started,and never looked back.
Today, i will write about the 5th book [i had read the first 5 books together,mum dad had got me a pack of it] Five go off in a caravan.

Genre - fiction, children books[ well,adults can read it too],adventure

Age factor- Anyone and everyone who knows how to read English. Ideal for children between,8 to 16 years of age.But those who have catched up reading late in your life ,or are not so voracious readers,or find adult books a little complex to read
even if you are a adult,grab it.

The Book
In our young days, it wasn't harry potter who captured and obsessed our minds.The famous five,the secret seven, the 3 investigators, hardy boys etc, we had plenty of options.
My personal favorite were Julian, Dick, George, Anne, Timothy the Dog.The famous five. The most spectacular thing about these books was that, even after years of reading it, i and many others remember each character accurately.You will find many people who will share similar views as mine. This is the power of characterization, the magic which Enid woved around to form some great stories.This book, is a adventure story spanning 186 pages, where the 4 brothers and sisters, go out for a caravan holiday, catch up with a circus and detect something fishy and correct the wrongs.Long time has passed since i read it, a decade perhaps, so i wont be able to throw up much lite on the story.

Gifting ideas
I perfect gift for children.Very popular series of our times, You can have hundreds of potters but they wont ever be able to replace the charm of the famous five.They should cost you around 150 i guess, are easily available on almost every good bookstore.

A thought to share

I find television to be very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go in the other room and read a book. Groucho Marx


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