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Nicole chocoa heaven

Lot of friends are visiting Malaysia these days,so thought of taking a break and checking out a blog of the pretty country.Wandering around many blogs,i found this one very interesting.Read on...
Blog Title - Nicole Chocoa heaven
Blog URL -
Blog Author - Nicole Tan
Genre- personal,travel,photography
Created - Oct,6,2006

The first thing,i noticed was that this blog,had the same template as mine.The pretty picture of a girl kissing a strawberry looks quite welcoming,but the blog in itself is very slow,to navigate,perhaps due to some widgets installed.The blog has some rich experiences of the author,her travels,some tips and advices,and most interesting were some contests, she creates for the readers. A very unique blog,i must say,very interesting posts,with apt pictures and photographs. 3 posts, i pick up are :-
1. Sea in the city
2. Living in the oldest Nature In Malaysia
3.World I pursue
A great blog,i can recommend to almost every blogger fond of travelling or musing about various topics.Do visit this one once.
Next we will take up


Eternal Dreamer said…
heya! am visiting after a long time...will surely visit all these recommended blogs.

thnx for all d info!

Tushar Mangl said…
Thanks for visitng jan

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