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Practical vastushastra

Thursday, May 08, 2008 12:00 AM [Transplanted from my musings]

Vastu in sanskrit means dwelling. In modern times, i see a lot of unhappiness around us. I learned vastu from various sources, newspapers, magazines,books, even talked to experts. I feel, following the principals of vastu shastra one can infuse positive energy in his/her house and bring about a wave of happiness in life. Today i am going to tell you something about Practical vastu shastra

a book written by Acharya Satyanand and published by Diamond pocket books.

Age criteria

This book is suitable for all age groups, 13 years and above. Especially for the middle aged people, who are interested in building up their homes.


In this very brief book, about 174 pages, Satyanand jie has precisely described various aspects of vastu. There isn't over explanation of anything. The language is very simple, and easy to understand. Not at all technical, if you feel uncomfortable with that. Apparently this book was published first in hindi and bengali then smt jayashri translated it in English. There are drawings and examples, making things easier to understand. A good book, if you just want to know the basics of vastu.

Gifting ideas

Although this seems to be an ideal gift, because its not very pricey, costs around 150 rupees approx, don't gift it randomly to anyone. Its a good gift for people with creative intrests or if your friend or family member has chosen engineering, architecture, or interior designs as career option. Also, those people, who want to build up their dream house, or are planning to build one will like this gift of yours.

Go ahead and buy a copy for your personal collection if you like to have some knowledge on this subject. Knowledge after all never goes waste.

And comment in here, about your views on this book

Happy reading!!!

Happy blogging!!!

Sahefa said...

Feelz like a great book.
Will definitely find n read it bt in after examz:(

Thursday, May 08, 2008 6:18:00 PM

Comments made of natural observations and simple deductions...and yet like common sense quite gurgaon dlf is making a blue glass walled semi pyramid...and every time someone sees it they say who came up with such a gross idea...
Tshhar Mangal said…
well i agree with the commom sense part.many people just follow vastu blindfolded.They never will question the logic or reason behind any of its principles.

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