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To whomsoever it concerns [Nidhi Thingi] - 2

Before starting off, My advance apologies to all the Nidhi's friends about whom i am going to mention just now.ALso my apologies to Miss Kriti, for after she labelled my friends immature asked me to not to drag her into this.I am sorry kriti, i dont like to do this, but i have to say some thing, and as watching your friend's blog i think am already getting late.
Apologies to anyone who find my words underneath as unpleasant.I shouldn't be writing about you people but behind every fire are some elements who are fanning it to grow larger and bigger.
* I have better ways to blow anyone's character, revealing letters and commenting on them isn't my idea of defaming anyone.For me it should be something sinister something very very bad.
Also i never use my blog for defaming someone.I have a limited number of readership here.Most of them females.I know very few people will understand ethics, but since many of these girls also look up to me for advice or motivation, i have a moral responsibility not to post such things here.
* I had told this to miss nidhi, and now i feel the need to repeat myself, if i needed defamation of miss nidhi or Mr Anuj, i was being offered a public apology by them, some time ago.If i had wanted a defamation, i would have jumped on the offer, pasted that apology on 10 blogs and satisfy myself.But i never meant any thing negative back then, and i dont want any thing negative today.
* Now comes the friends of miss Nidhi.She has a battery of trusted friends, who come marching down my blog without knowing anything.
Mr Snitch - The most sensible fella in her group i guess. Tries his level best to calm down the issue but as soon as we finish talking on the messenger, a post pops up on Miss nidhi's blog.
SHows me how sincere he was for a settlement.Specially since he knew i was writing a post,he could have waited before reacting.
*Mr Anuj - Calls me a scumbag.And threatens me of his anger. I have already written in detail about him.
*Miss Kriti - She was so very angry that she made grammatical mistakes while commenting on my blog. Her pact is open to settle down, but her own friend is showing no signs of cooling downs. Not practicing what she preaches is she?Calls my friends immature, writes lengthy comments on my blogs.All accepted.But what i cant digest is, she says i was polite with her on previous occasions.Now someone any wise person in this blog world, will volunteer and ask one question to this young lady.
"Given she interpreted wrongly the whole post, did she immediately email or comment the author, [who on previous occasions had been polite with her], and asked him to remove the post defaming her friend? Or did she email the blog author demanding an explanation as to why such posts were being published or the emails being commented upon?"
Did she did that?She claims she had read all emails and chat conversations between me anuj and nidhi.SO she had my email address, she could have commented.Given her friend cant email people properly, she is a remarkable writer.couldn't she have emailed the author in the first place?or her writing skills are only meant for commenting on other people's friends?
There were other friends too, i have answered them all i believe.
Now i look back at all this, i realize that this was all a game, a kind of defamation plan against me.
No friend, asked me to remove the post, no one recommended i reword it.They were all just playing here and there.No other reason i feel, can be possible.
Also this has nothing to do with Anuj, or that episode.Anuj again commented on our blog,and i plainly informed miss nidhi on yahoo messenger.Instead of talking there she jumps on the blogs
to defame me.
But i have heard enough from this girl.From now on, i am not going to hear a word against me or my friends at least from her or her friends.
My friends, i request you to step aside now, if she wants a blood bath , a war, i can give it to her all alone.She doesn't deserve your precious time.
And Miss NIdhi's friends, instead of crying hoarse or coming to explain me, put some intelligence in your friend's brain.Thats only a humble request.


The Snitch said…
Well, Tshhar. If you remember, I had already told you that there might be a retaliation post after you make your posts. Can't really expect her to keep quiet. My intentions were always a quiet settlement.
Tushar Mangl said…
see,told me, after my posts
But the post came much before my post
Your intentions can be doubted or not, i am just seeing it now.
ANd if you were so jumping up and down with retaliatory posts
why did you have to come to me
As i wrote there, there was too much impatience on your side or as i believe this was all also a part of your game plan?
Bharat Iyer said…
Ok, I've been silent all this while. But honestly, I'm sick of this entire business. Tshhar [gee, whatever happened to vowels and pronounceable names?] you are obviously milking this for all it's worth to generate publicity. Nidhi left the blog, your ego got punctured and now you're blowing up a non-issue to titanic proportions. You know what? Any sane person would have done the same. I hate to be blunt, actually that's a lie. I love it. Your book blog reeks like a steaming, ten foot mound of dogshit.You have pathetic taste in books. You read Mills & Boons for god's sake. You go on about trust as if Nidhi gave up state-secrets or something. I mean come on, atleast act your age. You are acting like a retarded 6 year old. Snitch and Wild Iris were patient and mature in dealing with you. It was a simple proposal: You stop posting your puerile, poorly worded bullshit and they ensure the other concerned parties follow suit. All you had to do was agree and wait and watch. If the other parties had gone on posting crap, you could have done too otherwise the issue would have been solved. It was that simple. But no, your almighty ass wanted war.

As for your three observations on human behaviour, I really don't know what to say. You are so stupid on so many levels that it's overwhelming. I don't want to say anything to you so much as throw a brick at your face. -This-, ladies and gentlemen, is an educated young man. Can you believe it?

Yes, I am rude. I know that. I revel in the fact. I am capable of much much worse. Politeness is a virtue I save up for people with the intellectual faculties worthy of it. And you, my friend, are miles below the mark.

Jai Shri Ram
The Snitch said…
Game plan? Huh. I tried to be polite with you and sort things out and you think I'm sitting here and discussing my every move with Nidhi? What, really what do you think would I get out of making a game plan against you. Nothing, sir. Nothing. I'm happy you think I'm polite but it's just not fair to you know, think that this is some major conspiracy against you. Why me and wild iris wanted a settlement? It was simply because we didn't want Nidhi to make posts about you. We wanted it done over with but you say that you don't trust us. I fail to understand where does trust come in. It's just simple. You have to wait and see if we do what we say. And if we don't, then go ahead with your posts. But you say you can't trust us. So I thought that was over. We never had any settlement and so you can't blame us for making retaliation posts. And that post that Nidhi made wasn't a retaliation for this post of yours. It was for that same mud slinging post. And whatever you try to say, you can't say that what you said against women was right. It's not just against Nidhi, it's just too sexist to be true. You think women shouldn't fight back when you throw mud at them? They won't be able to survive like that. It's an insane thought. Everyone has to defend themselves, whether man or woman.
Tushar Mangl said…
@ Bharat
and snitch
Your friend Miss Kriti
has now signaled for a verbal war.
what ever i write is my business.
If you don't like it, go away to some other blog.
First you people say i am defaming nidhi
now you say i am a chauvinist
How much you people know me
to pass judgments on me?
Mr Snitch, you wanted my terms.
Today i give it to you.
I want an apology from your friends
both of them.
And you people are crying for publicity Mr Bharat.
That post has mentioned there that it was for my friends.
and if you Mr Bharat aren't capable of politeness then better stay away from this blog.
The Snitch said…
Apology? Hah. You really think they'd do that? You're mistaken big time. You should've accepted it when you were getting it. And what should she apologize for anyway? For you making posts about her and anuj and all of us? Yea, in your dreams. From my terms, I meant that you know, we could've talked it out about how we were gonna keep quiet. An apology was never on the cards.
Tushar Mangl said…
your wish
Expect no more politeness from me
from now on.
After all my posts
they were still better then what you people are upto.
And try to refrain yourself from visiting this blog from now on.
@ mr. bharat iyer...eva heard of numerology?nah?dat xplainz y u cnt undrstnd wat so eva hpnd 2 tssharz name.neways blame it on ur ignorance abt d thngs whch realy need 2 b knwn.par filhal i c dat u r darting arowz aimlesly.dnt bother us.leave ths matr as soon as ur frndz 2 drop it n i wl tk cr dat v drop it 2.
wild iris said…
Game plan, he says. For crying out loud. I'm actually starting to enjoy this. Social experiment. Wana see how long he goes on before backing off. Surely he's written everything that happened by now?
And this whole trust thing. His fault, really, if he trusts strangers with his life. Or dignity or whatever. And he's the one who betrayed our trust in the first place, by being the first to publish these things.
Oh, and I signalled for a verbal war, he says. Can someone quote the lines where I committed this heinous crime?
Tushar Mangl said…
@Wild Iris
Good to hear you enjoying this.
And with the comments you posted last evening, it wasn't exactly looking that you were wishing me on my birthday.
And yes, to the best of my knowledge i have written everything i wish to say on the matter.
Also i have stated that i can take this how much long.
_ _ _
The ball is in your court ma'am
If you wish, you can make this end with your own terms.
My best wishes again.
Keep enjoying
Espèra said…
AB: "eva heard of numerology?nah?dat xplainz y u cnt undrstnd wat so eva hpnd 2 tssharz name."

LoL. That explains your 'Ankeita' too, I suppose.
Numerology is for the ones who believe that making their name tougher to pronounce and understand will bring them luck.
We, one the other hand, think vowels and consonants were for dictating the terms of pronunciation.

Disclaimer: I'm just expressing my opinion. No need to get touchy about it.
Tushar Mangl said…
Rightly put.
Anks show us little more of your numerology knowledge
And suggest some good name to miss Espera too.Lets wish her some more good luck :-)
Espera needs 2 chnge her 2-as per u...u c she z so easily guided by othrz n she dsnt hv her original judgemnt or its"as per u"hehehehehehehe...
Tushar Mangl said…
@ Miss Bharadwaj
That was a bad joke,in a bad taste made on a reader of my blog.
I advice you to apologize.
U cud always cal me ankeita tus.n ur readrz sense of joke waz also nt stl since u r sayng...i apologize.

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