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Its ws 10th nite wen v left for Shirdi..i ws totally satisfied…wid wt I had tat time..feelings….satisfaction of.sum of my wsnt on track 100% befo leaving but ten also I ws satisfied for various tings..Baba cald me to his place wid abundant satisfied mind,,I ws happy for one n only ting tat I ws going to meet him wid pure mind,,tat is widout ny regrets ,r grudges r guilt,,,it ws entirely pure.

Life wsnt tat fruitful to me befo leaving but I don kno wt happened I ws satisfied wid everything..very positive very cheerful..

On 11th evening v reached to Shirdi..,n ten v went to r hotel room,, v all were very tired 22 hrs too much.. v took sum rest had sum fud,,n v got fresh.. n ten v decided to visit Samadi mandir[where Baba’s Samadi n his effigy is placed ] .

Tere r two floors r may b mo ten two floors..and d lonnnggg queue to reach to d Samadi mandir..but it wsnt tring standing ws ful wid xcitement tat il meet Baba n Wen I entered d Samadi mandir..tere were 2 queue ..i didn kno tat one of tem wil lead directly to d exit..i found tat queue shorter so I got into it,,but I ws very dishearten wen it took me straight out to the exit,,I didn even get a time to pray2 my Baba..i ws dishearten ta oh no now Il not get a chance to tok to pray.. After tat v went to Dwarakamai..tis is d real place where baba usto to spend most f d time..he usto meet his devotees tere..tok to tem,,tere v hav Dhuni ws lit by Baba only at his time,,d ashes of Duni were given by Baba to his ppl in d form f medicine to cure tere physical pains,,it still used as a medicine ..thou its not given directly by Baba but ur faith in Baba n his duni makes it much better ten ny other medicine n d pain his cure. Here also v didn get d chance to visit d actual place f Dwarakmai..where Baba lit tat Duni…it ws closed n v were at d entrance…at tat time I don kno wt happened I suddenly start feeling bit dizzy, I ws feeling very thirsty also…as I ws in Baba’s palace..dare anything can happen to me..i ws fine…I went out n had sum water n felt much better…

Ten we went to one f d restaurants tere fr dinner,,n ten back to r room…for a sleep..v all were tired..but on 12th early mrng v hav to get up early in d mrng for d Aarti n for tat v have to b in queue of 2’o clock..v all were very tired,,it ws roun 11:30 r sumthn v reached r hotel room n v hav to get up again at 12:30 r 1am to get ready fr Aarti,,it ws tirng,,But as it ws decided alarm rang at 12:30am v got up till 1..v were still on bed wid a confused mind tat v shud attend it today or n Sunday tat is 13th…but Baba wants to meet all of us on da mrng Aarti ..v got up r laziness ws vanishd,,got ready n went tere n stood in line of 2:15am…d mandir opens at 4:00am,,n Aarti starts at 4:30 am,,v all were in queue wid other ws again a very long queue..many ppl were tere befo 2am,,tey were sleeping tere only,,I ws sitting on a granite marable platform..tere ws an old lady sitting wid me,,she ws a Tamilian..a lott f crowed tere is frm Andhera…n d prob wid all Andheraites is tat tey don’t understand hindi r eng.tey only speak tamil wich is again a language prob wid us bec..v hidni speaking ppl hav very minimal knowledge of tat..i ws tired n sitting very lazily on tat platform..tat old lady ws soo kind she by her hand movements indicated me to put my head on her lap..i did tat..she protected me like her own grandchild..later on I becum bit concious tat my pony can pinch her on her lap…so I got up,,,

Ten time passed v went inside…I got to meet Baba again..tat too 4rm very near..v sang d Aarti,,n one of my fav bhajan..its a part of tat Aarti only…n Tat day..i toked to Baba for a very long time,,tere v cant stand for long n pray,,but I did tat..n one more ting wich ws very surprising,,tat wen I ws praying..i ws nt getting wt to pray..i mean for a time being i ws speechles..i ws observing Baba's effigy .. I forgot mst f d tings…one nite befo I ws planning il pray tis n tat n I forgot wt to pray .. wen I meet Baba..tat day I ws wid Baba for very long time..i ws happy..very happy…finally I hav to asked d guard hw to b out frm tis area..n he showed me d way…

I ws satisfied…

.On d same day v went Shani mandir..its at Shingapur…it bou 2 hrs long journey..v went tere..came back roun 12..v were very tired..v didn sleep much frm past 1 r 1.5 days…v had ur fud..n ten v dozed off…v tok sum gud rest…later in d evening…I alone visted d Samadhi mandir again…very long queue..but Baba ws kind to me,again I ws very close 2 Baba while praying…I came back2 my rum..papa ,moma n Anmol went to Dwarakmai..tat day.. at d same very day v planned fr d nite Aarti fr wich v hav to b in queue of 8:30pm..Baba ws soo kind to us tat fr Aarti f 10:30pm v went in d queue f 9:30pm..n ten also…v got a chance to b in Mandir n pray to Baba very closely..

As I culdn visit Dwarkamai ny f days it ws neccesary fr me to visit on 13 th r last day f Shiridi..v went to Dwarakamai..n I ws shocked to c such a big queue..i ws sad,,bec I felt tat today il not get chance to visit Dwarkamai,,but my papa,a very optimistic man..said don worry dear..v will….v got a chance befo v xpected..n ten v all visited,, tis visit to Shiridi ws complete..i ws satisfied..Baba showered his blessings his love he took a very good care of all of us..v were very happy,,,

Ten v came to r room,,,packed r luggage went to r station…in meanwile v stopped fr Tapu bhumi mandir ,,where Baba did his tapsya..n ten straight to r station…

I went satisfied n came satisfied…Life ws gud n very serene tere..



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