The Story Of my Musings - Feedbacks

Feedbacks always a crucial role in any public blog.Infact that is how we identify a blog.Its an interactive medium.
*One of my ardent wish was to receive some kind of feedback from my sis.She never gave any.SHe never saw my musings.
*Once she told me, that some friend of her, had found my musings somewhere and had liked it.
That compliment is quite close to my heart.
* Most of the feedback i got was not in form of comments on this blog but on yahoo,on phone, on orkut, i mean personal feedback i got most of it.
* The series most commented was jagruti.Its a whole new blog now.But i got a lot of comments on it mostly positive but negative ones too.
*I generally use the word feedback but many people as we saw in the nidhi episode commonly use the word criticism.I think feedback is a more optimistic and constructive word then criticism which implies total negativity. We all should prefer the word Feedback.
* Feedback is something which kept the motivation level of the blog high.I feel i got too much positive feedback then i deserved.


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