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I was quite surprised to find an invitation in my email inbox to write and contribute to this blog. A blog i hadn't seen before and moderators and contributors who i do not know. I was in 2 minds and unsure if i should accept or not, but a look through the blog made me realise that all this while i have wanted to do something for the country and voice my opinions. How can i refuse when i get this chance? So here i am; a contributor to this blog. I'd like to thank the moderators for inviting me and also assure them that i'll do my best to write as much as i can.

On an introductory note: I'm currently working towards getting into an MBA college and i love writing. To know more about me you can visit my other blogs! :)

Thanx once again!

--> SJ


Tushar Mangl said…
Hey Sushant
THanks for accepting the invite :-)
Actually i could have written a customary introductory email before inviting you on the blog but
I don't know why, I wanted you/and others to join the blog based on your experience of reading the blog first time.
HOpe you have a nice time blogging here
THanks once again :-)
Himanshu Bhagat said…
Hi i would like to be a part of Jagruti too.

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