The Indian Education System

This comes in direct response to the post put by Kartz on the education system of India,not that I don't feel that the system needs a "Revolution" or a "Revival", but I think, without understanding why we have such a system in the first place, trying to change it on the basis of its shortcomings purely may not necessarily lead to a more fulfilling educational system.
Let's start with analysing the socio-economic condition of a majority of our population. A family that barely manages to scrape through the last days of a month does not think about living in palaces, rather their every waking moment is spent thinking on how to ensure a safe and decently comfortable future for themselves and their children.Their primary aim with regards to their children is to see them clear their courses and become capable of earning a decent living.This does not imply that they dont want their children to be the next Tendulkar or Kalam, it merely means that they want to first see to it that their children become capable of standing on their own legs, and then later if they can,then follow their dreams.Why ? Is it because they don't have faith in their child's potential? No,It's simply because they don't have a good enough "Risk appetite".
"So ? How does this justify our present system of education",will be the obvious question in your minds,so read on..
The current education system is faced with two major problems.
1) The lack of infrastructure and funds.
2) Lack of opportunities for non main stream courses in our economy.
One can always come forward and debate over the fact that the first problem mentioned above is not really a formidable one and can be easily achieved via funding from the government and other sources.Agreed,but can a majority of the people afford the cost of such an education?? What I am implying is that there is a certain cost involved in making the education system more practical oriented rather than theoretical, even if we can establish the infrastructure, can we keep it running? Think about the majority of ppl here,those who scrape through the last week of a month and not the well to do families in the metros.The harsh answer is "No"! They cannot afford it, and if we have schools which have the infra and the funding to provide such a medium of instruction,and they have students whose families can afford it,well and good,let them implment such a system alongside with following the norms put down by the boards of education.Its not forbidden by law, is it ?
Secondly,I am myself a person who supports the concept and implementation of co and extra curricular activities in a school to bring out and further hone the skills and talents of a student,and am against a kind of a system which concentrates on mostly making every other student an engineer or a doctor.Whatever I may support, I have to ask one question however.Does a system that lets a child grow holistically and provides him with a wide variety of decisions, have enough sources which engender opportunities that can sustain these students ??
I am talking of fields like music,sports,arts etc.How many of these fields can assure you of a decent living, an assurance that comes somewhere near to the assurance you get after having a btech of Be degree or an MBBS ??Nowhere near that,and this is one reason majority of the arents do not encourage their children or the schools to conduct such activities.They do not have the risk appetite.
The fact is that our education system does have certain flaws but are they really that grave ?Has it really killed innovation? I dont think so,it might have lowered the rate but certainly has not dented it to a great extent because we are here and we are writing and thinking about it and many other things and we are products of this very system and believe me you we are no exceptions.The system may have its flaws but it caters to the primary need of our society,which is to make us capable of earning a decent life and stand on our own legs.The scenario will change slowly and the economic conditions will as well and when that happens you will see changes in our education system.We need to understand that people out there who make these decisions do not always lack common sense.
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