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۩ सर्व शकितमते परमात्मने श्री रामाय नमः۩ This picture
* Oh well that me, in a lack salwar kameez
* Thats my first salwar kameez ever i guess
* I no longer wear black color much
Facebook asks

What Gem are you???

Tshhar is a Star Sapphire!

Tshhar is called the 'Stone of Destiny', you have a keen mind, and your mental clarity and perception lead to financial rewards.
3 orkut scraps to share

* 11/9/06

(user no longer exists)

tht wasnt calmness dear...tht was preassumption......uv already decided tht i cant understand hw so much i tell u abt u...u just wont accept it.....thts stubborness...n inherant trait in u...

* 11/10/06

(user no longer exists)

1.u think tht no 1 has ever suffrd more than u
2. u think u can never b happy again...n this thot helps u achieve just tht
3. ur short temperd but wont admit it
4. actually thts this point...u dnt admit 2 a lot of things
5. u can b genuinely happy....but ur 2 scard 2 try...u think u'd b hurt again...but tht'll require courage dear..which is definatly there in use it...


(user no longer exists)

they do....but not this way....u knw a person shud b approachable....c if u'd hv not been my orkut pal....mayb i wudnt hv interestd u...even as a friend...rite...n well tell me now tht i wont ever inspire u in ur poems eithr rite..coz u imagind me diffrntly....not like well thts y luks matter...getit...??
Jai Shri Ram!!!


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