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SOme Shopping news and stuff...

۩ सर्व शकितमते परमात्मने श्री रामाय नमः۩
foolon ke rang se, dil kee kalam se, tuz ko likhee roj paatee
kaise bataaoo kis kis tarah se, pal pal muze too sataatee
The Picture
* The Same one which you can see on the blog banner today.
* I like it,but many friends don't like this pic
* I cant understand why the pic sent negative vibes across to many people
tere hee sapane lekar ke soyaa, tere hee yaadon mein jaagaa
tere khayaalon mein ulazaa rahaa yoo jaise ke maalaa mein dhaagaa
Shopping the other day i purchased following books
* by tom Clancy
* Two M&B's
* Few magazines, news ones mostly.

baadal bijalee chandan paanee, jaisaa apanaa pyaar
lenaa hogaa janam humei kaee kaee baar
itanaa madeer, itanaa madhoor teraa meraa pyaar
lenaa hogaa janam humei kaee kaee baar
3 orkut scraps i wish to preserve

* 11/1/06

(user no longer exists)

inspiration huh.....well lets c...the choices poem was a result of an error.....i meant it 2 b a +ve poem...but sumhw...i'v had pretty bad experiance quite early in life so well it kinda bcame i firmly believe tht friends r those ppl god has left us 2 decide 4 ourselves...n if v make a mistake there v loose r 1 chance of proovin tht v r gud at understandin ppl...coz all other relationships r godsend...


(user no longer exists)

nah i came online coz i was curious 2 read ur reaction....n well i just posted this comment in ans 2 urs....

no just came out in a flow......n i am not being a firangi.....only i hv hardly written poems in i was worried how it wud cum out........thts coz i hardly gave the poem ne just well pls dnt insult it by sayin tht i put n effort......hindi to mujhe aati hai...aur yeh tum jaante ho...bas itne saal baad maine aani matr bhasha main likhha hoda darr lag raha tha bas....but thnx newy...glad u liked the poem......


(user no longer exists)

kisi ke liye i told u in the intro...ur poems just kinda inspired i wrote it., just came out....thnx 4 tht dude....

saanso kee saragam dhadakan kee beenaa, sapanon kee geetaanjalee too
man kee galee mein mahake jo haradam ayesee joohee kee kalee too
chhotaa safar ho, lanbaa safar ho, sunee dagar ho yaa melaa
yaad too aaye, man ho jaaye, bheed ke beech akelaa
baadal bijalee chandan paanee, jaisaa apanaa pyaar.. ..
Facebook Asked

What Jaane Tu ya jaane Na character are you????

Rats aka Jai Singh Rathore
You are pleasant, warm, funny, kind, sensitive and pathologically non-violent. As a person once remarks if Mahatma Gandhi saw you his eyes would fill up with tears. You are independent, do all your work by yourself not relying on anyone else. You are quiet and kind, will never hurt a person physically or mentally!! You're a sweet, innocent boy and the dream guy of millionz..!

poorab ho pashchim uttar ho dakshin too har jagah muskuraye
jitanaa hee jaaoo main door tuz se, utanee hee too paas aaye
aandhee ne rokaa, paanee ne tokaa, duniyaan ne hasakar pukaaraa
tasaweer teree lekin liye mai, kar aayaa sab se kinaaraa
baadal bijalee chandan paanee, jaisaa apanaa pyaar...
My Reaction to the answer
* hehehehehe
* hehehehehehehehehehehe
Hindi Song Title: Foolon ke rang se
Hindi Movie/Album Name: PREM PUJARI
Prem Pujari was a nice film By Dev Anand
This song was canned very well in some very nice locations in Europe
I think this film was the first directorial Venture of Dev saab
Jai Shri Ram !!!


Gauri Mathur said…
yaarr yeh facebook vale aajeeb log hai mjhe bhie yehe character banya:O

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