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Telephony Gatha

۩ सर्व शकितमते परमात्मने श्री रामाय नमः۩
Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi - Jagjit Singh
The Picture above
*A poster on the bed wall of My sister's room.
*Personally, sleeping is not my favorite sport.
If i had my way, i would lie awake for 24 hours at a stretch.
*This poster was among a bunch of posters i had bought from Delhi once.
Not surprisingly, my sis never wanted any poster
but all those posters today are sticked on the walls of her room.
hazaaron Khvaahishen aisii
ki har Khvaaish pe dam nikale

bahut nikale mere armaaN
lekin phir bhii kam nikale

If i am Talking very fast on the phone :-
*There exists a great communication gap between us.
*90% cases the other party is at fault
*Another reason can be that there is very little time to talk
and a lot to tell.
AGain that points to the communication gap thing

nikalanaa Khud se aadam kaa
sunte aaye hain lekin

bahut beaabaruu hokar
tere kuuche se ham nikale

If i am speaking very less on the phone
*I am in listening mood
*I have nothing constructive to say
*There is a very serious issue that has preoccupied my mind

muhabbat men nahiin hai
farq jiine aur marne kaa

usii ko dekh kar jiite hain
jis kaafir pe dam nikale

In our young days
* The landline was the only phone popular.
It was located in the most public places in the house
*That meant,WHatever you are saying on the phone,
is the cause of many people's amusement.
*There were less tensions and better communication.

Khudaa ke vaaste
pardaa na kaabe se uThaa zaalim

Kahiin aisaa na ho
yaaN bhii vahii kaafir sanam nikale

3 indications that am pre-occupied at the moment
*I am talking in a grave tone
*Sentences are not complete
*I am in a hurry to keep the phone

KahaaN maiKhaane ka daravaazaa
'Ghalib' aur kahaaN vaaiz

par itanaa jaanate hain
kal vo jaataa thaa ke ham nikale

3 Telephone etiquettes i believe in
*When attending a call,don't attend it in front of other people.
Get up and go to some quieter place.
*Always call anyone whenever you are free.I mean completely free.
*Never attend a call while driving.Especially a two-wheeler.

Jai Shri Ram !!!


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