Hello everyone...


I am in receipt of your invite and I thank you for the same. I look forward to contributing here. 'Religion & Philosophy' is one of my major interests, and I love engaging myself in an intellectual debate.

Enfin, a little bit about myself; I am Karthik Swaminathan, a polyglot from Chennai. I have completed my baccalaureate degree in Electronics and Communication Engg. I will soon be working with HCL Technologies.

Peace, and have a nice day.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam.


Affable. Amiable. Candid. Egotist. Gamer. Internet-addict. English language enthusiast. Poetic. A polyglot. Realist. Thinker. Urbane.

"My path is chosen.
A date with the Devil,
A dance with his Mistress,
The future is nigh..."

I am not what I am; and what I am not, that is precisely what I am. Yet, now I say- I am what I am.

Beyond thy comprehension, I may well be...
It is but, in the open- for you all to see...
Peace, take care and blessed be.

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