A friend Sent this

You said “Jump!’

So I went in.

The water was right

so I took a swim.

The waves engulfed me

and under I went,

still unsure what it all meant.

Then I felt buoyant,

Full of lust

from the salt of your skin,

the taste of your musk.

The grip of your arms

and the gaze of your eyes

gave breath to my carnal sighs.

As you thrust forward

through the dark,

forging a flame

from a spark.

Desire flowed from every pore.

And I knew

that I’d need more.

Now I’m drowning

in a sea of you,

full of waves, of sky, of blue.

Before we started…

you made a prediction.

Now it’s come true - you’re my addiction.


Shruti said…
that was beautiful..amazingly creative friends u got

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