Political talks

I was watch voteding the news the other day,in many parts of Kashmir voting for the assembly elections , more then 65% of the voters voted.This was under threats of militancy,the call of the separatists, of boycotting the polls, the weather so harsh and unbearable, yet the public voted.
Such a shame i feel, for the urban class of India,who seldom come out of their cosy homes to vote.
To vote, is the biggest benefit of a democracy, but now i feel the whole days of democracy may be over.Consider this.
The intelligentsia in India, the world's largest democracy seldom votes.
In the whole economic meltdown scenario, 2 countries are largely unaffected.
China, being ruled by the communists since years.It has one party rule.
Saudi Arabia, being ruled by the Monarchs.
It was their political structures and not the economic ones that helped them survive this huge economic crisis which has engulfed the whole world.
Lets hear what you people have to say on this
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