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Jane Eyre

Such is providence. It shockingly surprises me that I should pursue another one of the Bronte sisters for the sake of a pleasurable read, and Jane Eyre is not only that.

Charlotte Bronte, the eldest of the Bronte sisters has glorified up the whole text through her undying feminist perspectives and brilliant phrasing. The beginning of Jane Eyre may seem rather hazy and mundane, but as the multidimensional story progresses, readers cant afford to place it down, even if it is for a mediocre cause of curiosity. The book, portrays the sketchy life a young girl Jane who in her early years is ostracized from her aunt's family, but is forced to be plagued by them, for none share the blood of her her ancestors than them. The aunt feels that Jane is a cumbersome, contemptuous, boorish, rude and selfish brat who speaks like a grown lady.

Though it seems like a cliched plot, Bronte denies any opportunity for the reader to predict what can transpire. The intricately, or rather gruesomely detailed human experiences are definitely worth the read, and the spark of an emotional surge for a loved one, just cannot fail to capture hearts with the best part of interest. The heart-breaks, the laughs, the separation, the mighty and sudden reunion, fall in place like a tale ever so intense in depicting realism in literature.

Jane Eyre is a classic that people praise and still read, contradicting most classics which only get praised.


Chitrangada said…
I read Jane Eyre long long ago and I think I remember most of it!!At that time, I think more than fourteen years ago,I was impressed not only by Charlotte Bronte, but also by her sisters',Emily Bronte(Wuthering Heights)and Anne Bronte(The Tenant of Wildfell Hall).Each sister had her unique style of writing, the plot in all the stories was different and it helped me to visualize life as it existed then. Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights are probably the most quoted and remembered books,there happen to be others which rebelled against the existing social norms and graces and are true specimens of courage in a solitary world.
Sometimes, when I think a little philosophically, I am convinced that the Bronte sisters did not just live in their time, but also in ours, as most issues they wrote about exist in some way even today, in some form or the other.

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