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'Who Moved My Cheese?'

This is my first time writing (blogging) here. I would like to thank Tushar for inviting me to this library.

The ever famous book 'Who Moved My Cheese?' by Dr. Spencer Johnson is a favorite of mine. Instead of telling how to be successful with real life boring stories, Dr. Johnson crafts a wonder full story dealing with four imaginary characters depicted in the story -the mice Sniff and scurry and little people Hem and Haw- who are intended to represent the simple and the complex parts of ourselves. It is story about change that takes place in one's life where four amusing characters look for cheese. Cheese being the metaphor for what we want to have in life whether it is a job or relationship, money, house, freedom, health spiritual peace or even an activity like jogging etc. In the story the 4 characters are searching for cheese. They go in the maze everyday to search for it. One day they find it at cheese station C. They get excited. But we see that the 2 little people get accustomed to it. Instead of their regular routine they reach at the station late. On the other hand the mice are always quick. One day Sniff and Scurry arrive at Cheese Station C to find no cheese left but they are not surprised. Noticing the cheese supply decreasing, they have mentally prepared for it, but inevitable task of finding more cheese before hand. Leaving Cheese Station C behind, they begin their hunt for new cheese together. Later that day, Hem and Haw arrive at Cheese Station C only to find the same thing, no cheese. They get shocked on seeing this. They were bewildered and horrified. They had never imagined it to happen Angered and annoyed, Hem demands "who moved my cheese?"...They don’t get adjusted to the change. They keep on wondering the cause for it but are not ready to find new cheese. Meanwhile, Sniff and Scurry have found"Cheese Station N", a new supply of cheese. Back at Cheese Station C, Hem and Haw, affected by their lack of cheese, blame each other for this loss. Hoping to change, Haw again proposes a search for new cheese He realizes that they must go into the maze and look for new cheese. Hem disagrees with him. He was comforted in his old routine and did not want to change. Haw goes out and looks for cheese. It takes him time to get used to the surroundings. He writes many quotations on the wall so that Hem ponders on them and if he comes into the maze some day he could find him. One-day haw finds the cheese at cheese station And we are left to wonder if his friend did too.

A lovely story that will surely enrich one's life. It is short and sweet and has a lovely message.

The site of the book is (what else would it be called?)

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I'd like to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.


I'll try to get in my replies at the earliset possible. :)

Wishing all again a Merry X-Mas and a Wonderful New year.

Christopher Poshin David

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yetty said…
I know this book - it's super. It can give lot of wrinkles to live.
I have read parts of this book and found it interesting. From your review I gather it is a must read!

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