New Year Wishes

Dear Friends,
The Year 2008, had been a special one for Jagruti, as it took off from 1st of July, 2008.
And now as we enter this new year, I wish to share few words with all of you.

The blog Jagruti, is regarded by many as one of the finest blogs I created. I do not know whether this is true or not, but I certainly know that this is a good blog, and the whole credit goes to the wonderful people associated with it. Sid, Karthik, Alvia, Pankhuri, Richa....... the list goes on and on.
I have some special plans for Jagruti, in this new year, but lets see some developments of 2008.

Since the inception of this blog we already have around 53 members and around 100 posts, which according to my judgment is a good start for the blog. For brief period of time, I had decided to leave Jagruti and let some one else take the realms of this blog in his/her hands. The plan had certain flaws and had to be get ridden off. Also some administrators were appointed and subsequently removed due to certain reasons.

Now over to 2009. My biggest wish for this blog is to see the movement started at Jagruti to expand in real world as well. Lets try that we achieve this, in 2009 only. Among other initiatives the biggest of all would be Team Jagruti. A new team of administrators is being set up with a slight difference that each of these administrators would have specific authorities and titles. Without much explanations I am rolling down the list. Further additions and recommendations are requested from all of you reading this.

Tushar Mangl - Chief Administrator - The guy who created this blog and uses this fact as an excuse to boss people around :-)

Richa - Administrator - Members
She would have the authority to admit, screen or remove members from Jagruti. Also any grievances or problems, members are facing on this blog, would be in her domain and I know she is well experienced in handling all such matters and its quite an endeavour that she can part some of her time for us.

Karthik - Administrator - Technical Aspects -
The coolest dude on this blog, would have the final say on every technical thing on this blog. It can be the widgets, some thing to do with the blog preface or anything he feels is necessary to make this blog a smoother place to surf around.

Akriti Gaur = Administrator- Youth Affairs -
Her role will include, bringing in youth, the young blood into Jagruti, by inviting more members, starting up new initiatives for youth on this blog and basically inspiring the young as she inspired me to start Jagruti all over again.

Shruti - Administrator - Creative affairs
A fresh face on the blog, but the best in my knowledge to take care of all the creative angles of Jagruti.

She will have the authority over the google group of our blog.

Spreading the word around of Jagruti over Orkut would be her domain.

Other than this we would be having new badges for the blog members, and for this I would urge all the members and administrators to think over the idea.

More updates would be shared with time to come. I am hoping to publish a long series on political affairs in India as the General elections are approaching in the first half of 2009.

Wishing you all and your families a very Happy and Prosperous New Year !!!

Tushar Mangl
Chief Administrator
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