Of Muthali, Pink Chaddis and How some children never grow up

I am bored, irritated and appalled enough to hear about a moron named Muthali, Muthalik or whoever he is, and now I have to read here about some underwear campaigns, listening to which I was shocked more at Karthik's judgment to post it then to bother about the pinky chaddis.

So, a kid named B, snatched C's chocolate and C says, 'Maza chakkata hun tujhe bachu', (I am going to teach you a lesson dude). This looks so awesome on kids, but on adults, *Sigh*.

So this chap forms some crazy sena of some sorts and now the public, (who never likes to see their own sins, the times they evaded taxes, the times they deserted their family and friends, seldom bothered about the poor on the streets, except discussing their plight in hi-fi coffee shops etc.,) has claimed moral high grounds too. They will teach the guy a lesson.

The moron wanted attention desperately and public is more then giving with their large hearts.
Along with attention, he is getting chaddis, free !!! free !!! free !!!

And what will he do with the chaddis? Perhaps sell them to hire a PR agent who will manage the glory these people are giving him.

It is not that am a miser who won't part with a chaddi. I can lend him a pink chaddi with white polka dots, to give a designer touche, but am not doing any thing of that sorts.

If I would give a Chaddi of any color including pink, I would give it to:

* The small girl or boy on the streets, whose rags have been recently torn apart by the monster who invaded their sexuality.
* The children who die every year in millions because of mosquito and insect bites, as they don't have enough clothing on them.
* All those kids, who never have worn a brand new clothing all their life.
At least my attention to them wont go completely waste and even if media does not notice my gesture, I do not want to be a hero too.

So guys and gals. After you are done by taking that loser dude on the heights of chaddi's oops!!!
popularity, I mean, get down for some serious stuff for the moral development of earth.

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