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Reign of Uncertainty

Voyaging through the blogosphere, this time, I was as usual, looking for some fresh face, with the exception that I really don't want any sad or dark blog, like the previous few ones.
I see this profile of a young cheerful blogger and am sure, my search has to halt here. Still as per my routine, I scour about hundred blogs and still this smiling kid's photo brings me back with an assurance of a great blog.

So enter, the self proclaimed tech geek, Pulkit Arora's blog Reign of Uncertainty, only to be disappointed very soon. A teenage guy, with such a great content on his blog, puts up a depressed and sad fish on his blog header, *Sigh*.

The blog URL and the choice of title Reign of Uncertainty, the title description, deserve special appreciation. They aptly tell you what all this blog is about.

A blog by a teenage boy, incorporating various elements that we do experience in our teens. ( The blog does remind me of my teenage years; the sst exams, movies, tech talks etc.)

A good blog for teenagers to browse through, guys and gals alike. Or for young men like me to recall the bygone era.

Three posts, I recommend and liked are:
1) Hard Hitting Cinema ( a very well made list)
2) Say Hello (I liked it, because it reminded me of my techno bro in Pitampura, and of course the object in display is cool)
3) The Illusion of Progress ( Loved his writing, style, the thoughts he put in and most of all the depth)

All in all a good blog, regularly updated. Bit trouble in navigating through old posts, in the absence of proper labels though.

Check it out and comment in here, about your views.


Pulzkit said…
Thanks Heaps. Means a lot to me.
Not getting too much traffic though.
Manmeet Singh said…
hey hi.
As a matter of fact,I saw your comment on Pulkit's blog,so I came here.
and yeah,I'm a batchmate of pulkit and indeed he's a great doubt.

Check out my blog also,if possible.

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