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Social Menace

i had to travel a long distance in a yet another jam packed bus to go to a job interview. what i had to experience was horrendous... just imagine the lady standing right behind me was digging her nose and wiping her fingers on the rod she was holding to stand up? not just that she was stinking. gawd! and moreover she was talking to her friend in the loudest of voices, about some master she works for and his habits and his conjugal relationship with his wife.

somewhere a young boy was talking to his friend about what happened that day at the tuition's that his friend had missed; the topic was for all to hear, what is the best strategy to make the girl agree to date him.there was an elaborate discussion with peels of laughter and mirth for everyone to hear as the bus was stuck in a jam. then a strange looking mad man got up, and started broadcasting his own news channel with personal inputs. no this is not the end to my woes today. but there was more to come.

two women in their late 50's got up in the bus and one literally hung on to me while the other merely leaned against me to stand. my hands were already paining from all the strain of standing for a long time and then to manage such people. then there was this guy who wouldn't budge from a ladies seat to allow a lady to sit down! god! the conductor had to tell him to get up only then did he get up that too he kept on abusing and arguing. as the crowd cleared somewhat the man sitting opposite to me became visible, i almost immediately wished this didn't happen. the man was spitting on his shirt more than outside the window and mind you he was scratching his crotch merely in full public view..yewww!!!

i wonder why people don't develop some simple civic sense. personal hygiene should come to all and also we should be aware if we are being the cause of inconvenience to anyone.


Tushar Mangl said…
And more than often, the governments and the systems are blamed for the dirt and muck we see in the public facilities all around
Kartz said…
With such *public-displays-of-nonchalance*, ppl still wonder abt stuff like the Indian Railways' inadequacy to breach the 150 kph speed barrier while China is threatening to hit 400, more luxurious buses to transport them within cities, so on and so forth...

Neat write-up...

Peace. Have a nice day.
Anonymous said…
good work.....but its we, the people who have to open our eyes and stop thinkin n do some thng abt it....
i think every1 should read a learn some thing from your post!!

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