"My cousin touched me there"

Note: When Tan suggested me to post this here...I gave it a thought. I felt he was right. 
yeha I know in the election times ..people would be more inclined to politics. Well still..just give it a read :)

For the first time when she came in I knew she is going to be one of my best pals. she was bubbly chirpy sociable and a caring human being.she was I felt my true copy. But what I felt wasn't true and I'd never known that trait of hers which never matched mine had such a reason behind it.

She never liked to talk or be familiar to the opposite sex. I found this irritating but I just used to remember all her other traits which brought her close to me and made her one of the closest beings to me on this Earth.

As she and I had got very close in friendship that we began sharing secrets which we never thought would come out of our mind. And I thought I understood her as I thought she was me.

Then one day as we were alone in my room I asked her why she was so unfamiliar and irritated with boys. I felt I had opened up some wound which she got long ago. She broke down. And amidst of all this she just let out the words......

"my cousin touched me there"

I was taken aback. I was wrong to be claiming that I understood her. I was wrong.

Ps:) This is not a piece of fiction its the cruel and crude truth my dear friend went through.

A sad reality many face..due to lack of knowledge about the issue : (

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