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love n dating

"birds do it,bees do it,
even the educated bees do it,
lets do it,lets fall in love."
been in love lately?? exciting!!how beautifully you have someone to kill your boredom(not funny??)alright,alright!you have have someone to take care of share your troubles and listen to your useless cribbs about how much you hate your boss or how much you think that vampish office colleague of yours despises you or everything good that you lay your hands have someone to accompany you to a ball dance party this Saturday evening(make sure that he dressed enough to be your arm-candy..)and blah blah blah..with so many advantages,only a fool would abhor love.
but ...did you ever stop to think that with great pleasure comes responsibilities to???(its like buy a body wash and get a loofah just cant do without it).
well dearies,the course of true love never ran cant just keep on taking without is mutually feeding each other..not one living on other like a ghoul.with love comes a duty.a duty to be your lovers best there with..for him..every time.he might need you or your help and may never be able to ask for it.feel that need for help..and help him.don't sound like a mother.he wouldn't be with you if he needed one.don't sound like a teacher(a man's ego restraints him to be TAUGHT by someone)be a buddy to him..a soul-mate..see things from his perspective and work out the problem..together.
men are poor problem the next time you have a problem with your sister sharing your favourite perfume without your permission..or your boss cribbing even about your best submission ever..your best friend ignoring you for the love of her life..maybe you had a fight with your colleague who blamed you for something out of the world..TELL HIM!!of might need his support too..but don't feel put down or uncared for if your guy doesn't discuss your problem much and jumps to some other topic..DONT FIGHT!!..its just that when guys do this,it means that they are utterly confused as to how they should help you and not because they don't care even if you get half your hair burnt up the next time you use those hot rolls.
expecting him to remember dates??very few guys are capable of doing so.not because they hardly remember that beautiful moment when you first kissed or when you both first introduced yourselves as a couple to your friends..but because they have so many other digits to take care of..his bills...your number...his expenditures..the dates for various policy!!!and as long as he remembers YOUR DIGITS..why crib about it????
-Ankeita Bharadwaj.
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