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Some words on Generation Z: The generation that spells the future

If we peep in our past, we come across infinite instances where generational separation and arguments played a remarkable role in our lives. The Bible documented that frequent, spiky discrepancies existed across the various age groups (later known as “Generations”). Nevertheless these generational conflicts were always a part of the human civilizations; they didn’t come into sight as invariable and steady in power and impact but gave the impression to wax and wane across the era of time.

One might wonder why this ensues. The question arising in here is that; whether the advancement of technology is playing a major role in enhancing this thereby making it very obvious for people to rely upon it endlessly and indiscriminately? Or is it the attitude of taking various things that varies in the off springs; further leading to devastation in the moral values present in the previous genes. The questions are endless but the answers are in a minority. Anyways, Let us now shift our focus to the “Generation Z “in order to crack this enigma …

A person can be categorized in his/her generation by the year in which he/she is born. Those who are born after the 1990s, come under the category of the “ Generation Z “ ( This generation is also called the “ Silent Generation” , “ I generation “ , “ Generation Quiet “ , “ Net Generation “ , “ Digital Generation” etc which are based on their traits and habits )

Precisely 18% of the world’s population comprises of the generation Z kids. We are referring to those kids who are born under the shadow of the computers and have no previous reminiscence of existence all through the cold war. They are nurtured with not only parents’ love but with mobiles, iPod’s, Facebook, YouTube, hi5, converse and Roadies as well.

In short we conclude that Technology is just as any another toy to play with for many of the generation Z kids. This is though a very good thing unless and until it is taken for granted. Just as the internet is nowadays being taken up for granted; not considering the fact that it was once the supreme tool for mankind, as it has always been.

This further leads to their complete dependency on instant results. And this even portrays one of the very essential traits in these kids which are of being very impatient. Research further shows that they may consider living with others as intrusion of space. Thereby showing their individualistic personality whereby they believe to encompass their very own persona. A radical behavior alteration has been observed amongst the people from the generation Y to the generation Z by the Psychologists. For the Gen Z kids’ education and studies don’t matter at all; which were once seen as the only means of survival. Also being born during the digital boom, they acclimatize with technology like no other generation.

Research also throws light upon the immense lack of these kids in the areas of expression, verbal interaction, confidence and any other interpersonal skill. Due to the same it is also expected that they may not gel very well with the generation Y, who are exactly poles apart.

Being born in a world focused on achievement and result, most of the generation Z kids suffer from different levels of anxiety regarding what they shall do when they finish school already. Thereby holding more number of diplomas, certificates and medals than any other generation before did. But the question arising here is whether these endless degrees, certificates contain a value in today’s world? Think for yourself, did you just made your son cry because he scored 99% in his recent examination and not 100% by scolding him? Don’t you think this *rat race* is caused by none other than you?? Being ambitious and aiming at high goals is not wrong, but the way we put them in front of these kids makes a difference. We should not forget that they are just like wet clay, we can shape them the way we want initially before its to late to change the structure of this very dried clay…what I observed in the past few years is that these kids aren't allowed to be kids for very long and they're made into little consumers at a very young age.; which is wrong…completely wrong on our part. This particular generation is still in the phase of its evolution and they are yet to gain knowledge of numerous things in life. If gen Z is molded properly, they can attain a lot additional than their previous generations by means of the digital media.

In fact, some people find this generation as one of the most sophisticated generations which will dwell technology advancements in their small own ways through their innovations and connections to make a considerable difference on this planet…Provided they are given proper desired training.

They also are growing up in a world of equality and they believe men and women are equals

Generation Z is the latest generation which will be leading the world in a couple of decades from now. Is the generation responsible enough is a big question and are they being prepared in the right way for days to come?

While writing this article, one more thing strikes my mind; Which was that rather than looking up at the positive and negative sides of the various generations, if we try and remove all these negative traits from each and every generation; We all can live happily ever after on this beautiful world which we call as our mother earth J and that’s very true…

Who doesn’t know that the Gen Z may come at the end of the alphabet, but they'll soon be at the forefront of tackling the most complex problems our world has ever faced. I guess the only way of tackling this issue is to extend your hand and help everyone come out of it your gen X, gen Y, or gen Z……

After all we are all human beings…all are the children of our mother land…all aiming to achieve great heights…and all lack in something or the other…and the only way we can achieve our aim, is to pool in our hands

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Gauri Mathur said…
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Gauri Mathur said…
A well gripped write up covering mostly all spheres of Generation Z !!
Nice..Liked it:-)
Keep it up..!!
God Bless!!

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